St. Joseph School students in grades Kindergarten through 12 will join schools throughout the United States next week in observing Red Ribbon Week Oct 26-30. 

Daily themes have been chosen to accentuate the importance of this week to the students. Banners are prominently displayed in the schools’ hallways with the Red Ribbon Pledge on it, and students are asked to sign the banner showing their dedication to be drug free. Monday’s theme is "Red Bone Hound Dog"—Dogs Against Drugs. 

Students may wear their red uniform shirts and red accessories. 

Tuesday is "Hunting Dog"—Hunting for a Drug Free Future. Camouflage attire is the dress of the day. Wednesday is "Show Dog Day" Make Paw Prints Worth Following. 

Students attend Mass every Wednesday, so they will be dressed in their Sunday best. Thursday’s theme is "Junk Yard Dog"—Slam Dunk Drugs are Junk. Students are reminded to "stay in the game; be drug free." 

Students may wear their favorite sports jerseys. The week concludes with "Hound Dog Day"—Drugs Give You the Blues. 

High school students may wear jeans and bulldog T-shirts.