Fall Is Here- Winter Near!

By Maxine Spryes Hixon


Fall is here… leaves falling… everything is making

Ready — for winter geared —

Mowers and tractors are moving at full speed- cutting

The grass before going to seed…

Thinking again as the time before- the last time to

Mow-again-this year!

When it comes to the weather… we can all see the signs…

Making preparation — for security and comfort- before bad

Weather is here —

We can discern the signs for the weather- stated in the bible we find —

But, why so reluctant to see the signs of Christ’s soon coming

— drawing near?


God’s Word one needs to read… signs He has given us in His Holy Word-

Wars and rumors of wars… earthquakes in diverse places…

Scoffers- mocking in unbelief of His coming — as if they

Never heard —

The falling away of His own people- becoming cold and indifferent to 

His word- the basis

Repentance is necessary for all- even all who know

Christ as Savior…

Keeping our hearts right with God- asking His forgiveness--;

Looking for Christ’s second coming- in prayer invoking

His favor…

If expecting Him at any moment- there’ll be a  

— minimum of remissness.



Swan’s Song

By Pamela Hixon Rhea


Right is Right, and It Wrongs Nobody

Lovingly dedicated to my grandmother Hixon


Right is right, and it wrongs nobody,

My granny Hixon used to say,

You’ll have to get up mighty early to beat that one,

Because right doesn’t come in shades of gray.


Right is right, and it wrongs nobody,

These words are as “good as gold,”

Do right by your fellow man,

In the Good Book we are told.


Obey what the Blessed Lord tells you,

Stand for the good and true,

Be numbered with the faithful, 

Be Christ-like in all you do.


Right is right, and it wrongs nobody,

‘Tis food for thought to the soul,

God and you are a majority

In any crowd, — that always know.


Right is right, and it wrongs nobody,

You will meet your reward someday,

A Crown of Righteousness reserved against,

That Great Judgment Day.


Right is right, and it wrongs nobody,

Like Daniel, dare to stand alone,

And keep up the good fight of faith,

Until the Lord deems fit to call you home.