In an effort to clear up various rumors, University of Central Arkansas football coach Clint Conque said Monday he has not spoken to the FBI and does not consider himself part of the bureau's investigation at UCA.

FBI agents have talked to various officials at UCA about unspecified matters. It is speculated that part of the investigation relates to the Lu Hardin administration converting private funds to public funds in order to pay sponsorship for Conque's television show, which he does during the football season as part of his contract.

"For the record, I am contracted to do certain services for the university," Conque said at Monday's weekly Bearbacker luncheon. "When you fulfill those services, you are compensated for those services. I thought interim president (Tom) Courtway at the time probably said it the best way when he said that when you go to the feed store to buy a sack of soybeans, you don't know which field they came out of. You just know you got a sack of soybeans.

"For the record, I have no idea about any of that (where the payment for contracted services) came from and I'm not being investigated, as of today anyway, by the FBI."