he 12 Days of Christmas according to Miss Abram’s Fourth Grade Class


Andrew Bennett

On the 12th day of football practice, all these things happened: 

Twelve yards a-running

Eleven helmets scratching

Ten balls a-flying

Nine pads a-popping

Eight trophies winning

Seven coaches yelling

Six time outs

Five sit-ups

Four scores scoring

Three runners running

Two bones a-popping

And a Hail Mary in mid-air.


Emily Chalk

In the 12th weeks of school, Mrs. Chalk saw:  

Twelve folder marks

Eleven mouths taped

Ten screams of horror

Nine students typing

Eight assignments missing

Seven kids’ a-hiding

Six markers flying

Five gold cards

Four chewed erasers

Three ripped flags

Two potty dances

And a stubborn kid in a bad fight!


David Clay

On the 12th day of drifting, my true love gave to me:  

Twelve Lamborghinis growling

Eleven Plymouths jumping

Ten cans of NOz

Nine rims shining

Eight monster trucks a running

Seven Murcielagos speeding

Six Corvettes purring

Five Ferraris grumbling

Four Hummers humming

Three tricked out trucks

Two green Mercurys

And a GT Mustang in a car clubhouse.


Diamond Clemons

On the 12th day of Christmas, my family gave to me: 

Twelve singers singing

Eleven shirts a-blinging

Ten nails a-painted

Nine bracelets clanging

Eight earrings a-dangling

Seven shoes squeaking

Six skirts a-swaying

Five Apple Bottom jeans

Four delicious Snickers

Three Hannah Montana pajamas

Two fur coats

And a iPod in a Baby Phat bag!


Samantha Cowgill

On the 12th day of lunch, my mommy gave to me:  

Twelve drinks a-drinking

Eleven pops a-popping

Ten lollies a-licking

Nine pecans a-shelling

Eight eggs a-steaming

Seven bags a-popping

Six dogs’ a-flying

Five juicy yams

Four sticky candy canes

Three sour Pixy Sticks

Two tiny weenies

And a feast for a food fight

Aubrey Davis

On the 12th day of school, this is what I saw: 

Twelve copy machines copying

Eleven teachers screaming

Ten kids a-writing

Nine pencils a-flying

Eight librarians reading

Seven recorders playing

Six janitors cleaning

Five gold cards

Four singing kids

Three children a-leaping

Two principals highlighting

And a kid in a tortilla roll.


Pam Gephart

On the 12th hour of Candy Land, the candy man gave to me:  

Twelve pops a-popping

Eleven suckers sucking

Ten chocolates melting

Nine Skittles rolling

Eight cakes a-munching

Seven Kit-Kats crunching

Six Oreos floating

Five caramel eggs

Four Jolly Ranches

Three expensive Snickers

Two Dove chocolates

And a lollipop in a chocolate river.


Alyssa Heffington

On the 12th of art, my teacher sent to me: 

Twelve brushes painting

Eleven kids sculpting

Ten papers stamping

Nine ice sculptures melting

Eight pencils drawing

Seven art teachers dancing

Six markers coloring

Five waxy crayons

Four art desks

Three glittery paints

Two clay splatters

And an artist in an art class.


Hector Hernandez

On the 12th day of jungle, my buddies showed to me: 

Twelve parrots dancing

Eleven bears fighting

Ten frogs jumping

Nine panthers running

Eight toads falling

Seven penguins swimming

Six cheetahs hunting

Five sleepy lions

Four falling monkeys

Three crazy snakes

Two colorful birds

And a tiger in a Christmas tree

Devin Hilts

On the 12th day in the woods, my family saw with me: 

Twelve labs a panting

Eleven beavers chewing

Ten eggs a-running

Nine bears a-sleeping

Eight chipmunks squealing

Seven wolves chomping

Six sheep a-leaping

Five chickens running

Four crazy raccoons hissing

Three blue fish swimming

Two slow turtles hiding

And a pig in a muddy puddle.

Tares Hunt

On the 12th day of Christmas, my Auntie gave to me:  

Twelve kids a-working

Eleven hunters hunting

Ten moose a-fussing

Nine deer a-running

Eight fish a-freezing

Seven truckers trucking

Six whales hunting

Five chocolate cakes

Four cooking sisters

Three sliding cars

Two fighting sharks

And a dead fish in a Christmas tree.

Rachel Ireland

On the 12th hour of zoo daze, my family let me see: 

Twelve lions growlin’

Eleven zebras sitting

Ten gators chompin’

Nine frogs’ a-hopping

Eight mice a-squeakin’

Seven bugs’ a-crawlin’

Six kangas’ boxing

Five lady bugs

Four ugly birds

Three brown bears

Two bumble bees

And a zoo day that will never end!

Kei-nosha Jackson

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 

Twelve chickens pecking

Eleven dogs barking

Ten dogs’ a-jumping

Nine deer a-fighting

Eight stamps a-stamping

Seven dogs’ a-chewing

Six boxes closing

Five golden pans

Four eating turkeys

Three black cats

Two fast mice

And a bobcat in an evergreen tree!

Jacoby Knox

On the 12th day of December, my eyes let me see: 

Twelve dogs’ a-jumping

Eleven bakers baking

Ten people singing

Nine cakes baking

Eight kids playing

Seven snowballs flying

Six kids’ a-tasting

Five naughty kids

Four strumming guitars

Three gingerbread cookies

Two sleepy elves

And Jacoby in a big, fluffy bed.


Matthew Laster

On the 12th hour of farm time, my true love gave to me:  

Twelve chickens pecking

Eleven bumble bees buzzing

Ten bears growling

Nine cows eating

Eight dogs jumping

Seven horses gnawing

Six lambs baaa-ing

Five pink piggies

Four eating turkeys

Three orange cats

Two fast hawks

And a snake in a chicken coop.


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