Gymnasts from Sonshine Academy posted some high marks recently in recent home meets.

Sonshine Academy hosted 60 gymnasts at its annual boys meet on Jan. 16. On Feb. 6, 330 gymnasts participated in the girls meet.

On the weekend of January 16th, Sonshine Academy hosted 60 gymnasts in its annual boys gymnastics meet.  Then, the weekend of


Sonshine Academy’s Level 4 and 5 teams both placed second, with the Level 4’s scoring a season high 251.4 and the Level 5’s scoring 230.1 which was within .2 of their season high. Level 4 team members are Keeton Williams, Cullen Odom, Blake Hopkins, Connor Sharp, Turner Aultman, Spencer Tygart, Sam Watkins, Zachary Holder, and Alex Atkison.  The Level 5 boys team members consists of Joshua Farewell, Matthew Norris, and Tate Zellner.

The boys are coached by Anatoly Ryndin and Terry Bell.  


 Sonshine Academy’s Level 3 team of Brooklyn Anderson, Paige Chappell, Whitley Dillon, Lily Douglas, Anna Kathleen Harris, Macie Hurley, Alexandra Nichols, and Juliana Winston competed on Friday night.  For Level 3’s, there is only individual competition, no team competition. 

Sonshine’s Level 4 team placed third in the Saturday morning session scoring a 106.775.  Level 4 team members are Madeline Anderson, Brianne Ashley, Abby Carter, Reagan Deaton, Tori Dinges, Anna Hart, Raeann Hefter, Jessi Hull, Brooklyn Jackson, Anna Beth Jeane, Julia King, Emily Lively, Abigail Robinson, Abigail Robnett, Bethany Stubbs, Alexis Umphres and Jessica Watson.

In the Level 5 competition, Sonshine’s team of Anna Barnard, Jillian Cliburn, Keely Crass, Rachel Gaffney, Emma Johnson, Paige Johnson, Haley Claire Mathis, Kenley Mobley, Lauren Nadeau, Alivia See, and Ashleigh Webb placed fifth out of nine teams.  

In the Level 6 session, Sonshine’s team of Taylor Joe, Sydney Kellybrew, Makayla King, & Lauren Miller placed secdon, scoring a 97.575.  

The girls teams are coached by Mieke Corbitt, Ashley Aldrich, Valerie Martin, Sax Engel, Audrey Dimond and Scott Wright. 

In individual competition, Sonshine’s boys won six individual event titles while the girls team garnered 14 individual event titles and 1 all-around title. 

Gymnasts who placed in the top three in their individual events and/or the All-Around were:


Level 4

Keeton Williams – (7 yrs) Floor 2nd, P. Horse 2nd, Rings 3rd, P. Bars 2nd (tie), Hi Bar 2nd, AA 2nd.

Cullen Odom – (7 yrs) Floor 3rd, P. Horse 3rd, Rings 2nd, Vault 2nd, P.Bars 2nd (tie), Hi Bar 3rd, AA 3rd.

Blake Hopkins – (8 yrs) Pommel Horse 3rd, AA 3rd.

Sam Watkins – (9 yrs) 2nd on all events and AA.

 Zach Holder – (10 & over) Floor 1st, P. Horse 2nd, Rings 2nd, Vault 3rd, P-Bars 2nd, Hi Bar 2nd, AA 2nd          

Level 5

Joshua Farewell  – (7 to 9) Floor 2nd          

Matt Norris – (7 to 9) Hi Bar 2nd 

Tate Zellner – (10 & up) Floor 1st, P-Horse 2nd, Rings 3rd, Vault 2nd, P. Bars 3rd. Hi Bar 3rd, AA 2nd 

Level 6

Matt Boley – (10 to 11) Floor 3rd, Vault 3rd

Jake Fisher – (10 to 11) Floor 2nd, Rings 2nd, Vault 1st, P-Bars 2nd, Hi Bar 1st, AA 2nd 

Andrew Wise – (12 & over) Floor 3rd, Pommel Horse 2nd, Rings 3rd, Vault 1st, Hi Bar 1st, AA 2nd 


Level 3

Lily Douglas – (5 yrs) Vault 2nd, Bars 2nd, Beam 3rd, Floor 2nd, AA 2nd

Macey Hurley – (6 yrs) Vault 3rd,  

Anna Kathleen Harris – (8 yrs) Vault 1st, Floor 1st (tie)

 Alexandra Nichols – (9 yrs) Floor 3rd

Level 4

Abigail Robinson – (6 to 7) Beam 1st, Floor 1st

Madeline Anderson – (8 yrs) Bars 3rd, AA 3rd

Emily Lively – (8 yrs) Beam 1st (tie)

Abby Carter – (9 yrs) Vault 3rd (tie)

Jessica Watson – (9 yrs) Beam 2nd (tie), Floor 3rd

Reagan Deaton – (10 yrs) Floor 1st.

 Tori Dinges – (11 yrs) Vault 1st.

Level 5

Kenley Mobley – (7 to 8) Vault 3rd, Bars 1st, Floor 1st, AA 3rd 

Alivia See – (9 yrs) Bars 2nd, AA 3rd 

 Haley Claire Mathis – (9 yrs) Floor 3rd 

Level 6

Taylor Joe – (7 to 10 yrs) Vault 2nd, Bars 2nd, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd, AA 2nd.

 Sydney Kellybrew – (7 to 10 yrs) Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd, AA 3rd.

Lauren Miller – (12 & up) Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Floor 2nd, AA 1st

Level 7

Holly Hambuchen – (12 & up) Bars 1st, Beam 3rd, AA 3rd.