Did any one get cabin fever this week? Wasn’t the snow a beautiful site. I have had my snow fix now and I am ready for warm weather. Hopefully it will be soon. But my understanding we are expecting more this week. Sandy Dowdy was home for the weekend and Landon came and stayed Saturday and Sunday with us. And he came back Monday because no school, no day care. Landon loved the snowey as he called it I took him out on Monday and Tuesday for a while and he loved it. Doesn’t want to come in that is for sure. The only way I could get him in was to promise him a popcicle without him throwing one big fit.  But he loved the snowey. Children are so blessed! and we are so blessed to have them and grandchildren.

Please keep the following in your prayers, Gary Glover, Mrs. Vance, Trish Thorn, Amanda Dowdy Hooten and family, John Henry Clay and family and any one else in the community that has been sick or is sick or that have lost loved ones. This is times now that they need their families and friends.

Well, if your tired of being cooped up come to Lake Beaverfork this morning and watch FREEZIN FOR A REASON POLAR BEAR PLUNGE  for Area 17 Spcecial Olympics Registratation is at 10 a.m. a dessert auction at 10:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. parade of participants and 11 a.m. the PLUNGE! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you can come and support me jumping in along with the rest of the management teams.   

Have a great week and a safe one. Send news to or call 679-3299. I can’t put the news in if I don’t hear from you to put it in.  



By Margie Fulmer

Wow! How is this for now? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this deep before, here in Arkansas. Sherry and John like to get out and explore when the weather changes. Monday morning they came and took Ray, and I with them up to Van Buren County, where the mountains, covered in cedar and pine are so beautiful, "The Master Painter" did a superb job decorating, no artist could duplicate.

We had good attendance at Oakland Methodist Church last Sunday. Bro. Mark brought a good message from the forth chapter of Luke. Everyone was glad to be back after missing the Sunday before because of the weather. We had visitors from Colorado. We always welcome visitors. Marian McGinty, Sunny Earnhart and Elizabeth Johnson drove to Little Rock Monday morning to a hospital for Charles Earnhart’s knee replacement.

Robert and Missy Collins of Bryant visited Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy last Sunday.

The Faulkner County Singing Club meets tomorrow Feb. 14 at Spring Hill Baptist Church at 1:30. We have several accomplished piano players who attend, and that makes the singing even better, come and bring a friend and lets have a good one praising the Lord.

We had a wonderful singing the last time we met there. The morning worship at Holland Baptist church had a glorious beginning this week. Dorothy Haynes, an AWANA cluber in the truth and training club, was inclined to accept Christ as her Savior as a result of her scripture studies and numeration. Many of her family members came to witness her baptism. The service ended on a joyful note with Joseph and Christy Theis and sons, Isaac and Noah joining the fellowship. The church is excited to have these young people join them in the work of the Lord. Bro. Ron and Denice are their parents.

Progress continues on the new building. Volunteers are laboring as time permits. Today help is needed to get the building wrapped and the doors and windows installed. Tomorrow the Mercy River Boys will be in concert for the morning worship service. A catered meal, for which advanced tickets are needed, will be served in the Fellowship Hall following this. Lucille Purifoy enjoyed recent visits from Maureen Fiddler and Kenneth Ogle.

They are promising more bad weather. I hope and pray this soon gets over with. Be careful, don’t fall and stay warm. There is a brighter day coming.



By Jennifer Freeman

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call early Monday morning telling me that school was canceled due to the snow. There had not been anything on the ground or in the sky when I went to bed the night before and I did not think we would get any accumulation. Three canceled school days later, I stand corrected! I have to tell you… I kind of liked it. I know that the days have to be made up but the excitement I feel looking outside at the beautiful snow covered earth is similar to that I felt as a child. 

As an adult, I enjoy my unexpected day off but most enjoy my children working together to build a big snowman or just playing outside together. Everyone tends to want to make the most of our day off and time seems to slow down a little. Our ladies did not get to meet on Tuesday night with the icy roads so we are looking forward to next Tuesday night. There are some singing events coming up this week end. Today, Feb. 13, the Arkansas Valley Singing Convention will meet at 10 a.m. with First Free Will Baptist Church in Atkins (Pope County). Tomorrow, Feb. 14, the Faulkner County Singing Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. with Springhill Baptist Church on Hwy 287 south of Greenbrier. I know that many people are ready to get out of the house so come on out.



By Hazel Love 

What a beautiful winter scene God has blessed us with this past week. The snow on the trees looks like He went along and splashed big heaps of whipped cream on them. It is amazing how God can make beauty out of a bad situation. Every one complains about the snow, but I, for one, choose to see God’s glory in it.

This week’s column is one of testimony to our great God in heaven. As most of you know, Danny Roberts suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke last Wednesday morning. The first several hours did not look good for him. He was sent to UAMS for treatment where a drain was inserted into the ventricle in the brain that was filling with blood. The procedure was a success and relieved the pressure quickly. He remained in NICU until this past Wednesday and was transferred to a room. Praise God, who listened to everyone’s prayers and answered, Danny is doing well, talking, sitting up, and feeding himself and will probably be transferred to CRMC Rehab in a few days. He still has a long recovery period to go, but things look good at this point. Please continue to remember Danny, Charlotte and family in your prayers.

Please remember Carol Frye and family in your prayers. Carol has been given bad news about her health situation. We have seen the miracle of prayer already, and pray for God’s will in her life.