US Compounding, a compounding-only pharmacy on College Avenue in Conway that provides compounded pharmaceuticals to physician clinics, hospitals and surgery centers throughout the country, announced the expansion of their business into the skin care industry through the formation of a new corporate entity, US CosmeCeuticals and a new product line, Rx Solutions Skin TherapyTM. US Compounding president and chief executive officer, Eddie Glover, P.D, announced the new business venture.

US CosmeCeuticals manufactures a line of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products sold under the name Rx Solutions Skin Therapy. Seventeen products are included in the line, each of them created by pharmacists at the Conway facility. The line will be sold exclusively through independently owned pharmacies but does not require a prescription. Products for every skin type are available, as well as suggested therapy schedules for a complete system approach to skin health.

"Our skin says a lot about our health and our habits. As medical professionals, we’ve been able to create a line of products that will produce healthier skin and significantly diminish the effects of damaged skin by increasing cell turnover and preventing free radical and sun damage," said Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D., lead pharmacist for US CosmeCeuticals and Clinical Services Director for US Compounding. "Rx Solutions products are the result of several years of research and testing, and we believe they’re one of the most effective products on the market."

The term "cosmeceutical" refers to products that have both cosmetic and pharmaceutical benefits. Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are topically applied, but they contain ingredients that provide an added health benefit, such as skin protection with antioxidants, wrinkle or acne reduction, or hair or skin moisturizing. 

"Because we’re pharmacists, we’re very interested in the chemical composition of the product and how it effects skin. We use substantial amounts of high-quality, active ingredients in order to make a therapeutic difference, which sets us apart from over-the-counter skin care treatments found in department stores or other retail establishments," said Glover.

Nickie Brown, director of marketing for US Compounding said that all aspects of the new venture take place in Conway. The company’s products are manufactured, packaged, distributed, and are to be sold in Conway.

Brown said Rx Solutions Skin Therapy is still in its testing phase, but a full product launch will take place around the end of March.

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