The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a good idea. It’s a private, non-governmental, nonprofit organization that proposes to "defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country" to quote from the ACLU Web site. 

Wow. How can you be against that?  

This organization, not under the thumb of the government, proposes to defend our rights and liberties. Who could possibly oppose such a noble objective?

The ACLU is a big organization. There are 500,000 members nationwide, 200 full-time attorneys, "thousands" of part-time attorney volunteers and affiliate offices in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and, of course, Washington, D.C.  

According to the outfit that audits the ACLU, J.L. Cohn LLP, the National organization had income of $32,925,982 in ’08, nearly all of it from "direct public support," which means contributions, grants, gifts and foundation allocations. I think. I can’t find any income detail. I’m hoping "public support" doesn’t mean taxpayer support.

There is an ACLU foundation worth way over $300 million.  It operates in support of the ACLU.  

So, they’re big, well-financed, omnipresent and exist to protect individual rights and liberties. But like every big, well-intentioned, good-idea organization there are problems.  

In this case they start with the mission statement found on the Web site. When they say "everyone in this country," does that include illegal aliens?  

We normally extend the rights and liberties we enjoy to foreigners who are here legally, but what about those who are here illegally? Are those who broke the law to get here entitled to the same rights and liberties enjoyed by citizens who pay taxes and obey the law? Doesn’t seem right somehow.

And what about attacks on religion? I think everyone knows that "separation of church and state" is not a constitutional provision.  While the government is prohibited by the Constitution from establishing an official religion for the country, the very framers of the Constitution were religious men, many of them deist who wrote their beliefs into the documents that founded this nation.

While it’s tough reading, try thumbing through the Federalist Papers sometime. Now I’m told by military chaplains that they are advised not to use the word "Jesus" in prayer. We’re pulling religious statues from public buildings, including the Ten Commandments, which, in part, form the basis of law in Judeo-Christian cultures. These actions are attributed in no small measure to the ACLU. They are clearly not required by the Constitution, and they are offensive to those of us who believe.

What about my rights? Why isn’t the ACLU concerned with them?

 Freedom of speech under ACLU activist is extended to pornography that offends us and harms our kids. What about their rights? The ACLU advocates abortion that results in the massive slaughter of unborn human beings. What about their rights?      

 The ACLU is a good idea. But it has drifted so far left, careened so far into the liberal wilderness it can no longer find the path to the very constitutional protection it claims to provide. In fact, it seems to provide constitutional perversi on. It is threatening, not protecting. It doesn’t act for the benefit of the people or the nation. What a shame.  

It would be great to have an independent organization serving as the guardian of liberty. But as it stands, I’m forced to consider the ACLU a well-intentioned assailant.