It’s almost here.

The Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County is hosting its Elementary School Basketball Tournament from March 29 to April 2 at the Bob Nabholz Unit.

This tournament is opened to boys and girls in the third and fourth grades. Each of the teams represented will be from schools in Faulkner County.

“We’re trying to get all the schools involved in this tournament,” unit director and athletic director Mandrell Howell said. “We have all of the local schools involved in Conway and now we’re trying to confirm that Mayflower, Vilonia and Greenbrier will be here. Hopefully, we can still get teams from those area to make the tournament more competitive.”

All of the third-grade games will be played at the Bob Nabholz Unit of the Boys and Girls Club and the fourth-grade contest is scheduled to take place at the Conway High School East Campus Gym.

“We had some good competition last season and we’re expecting the same things this season,” Howell said. “That’s one thing about this league, it’s so competitive. I love what the Upward league is doing in town and I agree with the messages that they are teaching the kids over there. But, I believe this league is more competitive than any one of them in town.”

There are four traveling gold trophies for the winners. The trophies have been taken from the schools and placed at the Boys and Girls club until the winning teams claim their trophies to return back to their respective teams.

“Those trophies have a big time look about them,” Mandrell said. “Those are trophies and it’s good that the kids get to get involved with taking them back to their schools, so they have a sense of accomplishment. They can show all the other students the trophy that earned by winning a tournament trophy.”