We’ve heard the angst.

For so many, those NCAA brackets we used to take such pride in now kind of remind you of the last days of Pompeii.

Such good teams on paper.

Such disasters on court.

It has been interesting the last couple of days to follow the tournament through social networking sites such as Facebook.

Social networking became social commisseration.

It’s therapeutic to follow the frustration, the anger and the humor from the tourney.

Here are some actual Facebook posts from several different people as the tourney has progressed.

“UAPB beats Duke? Please come back from Fantasyland.”

“My 47-year-old mother can shoot free throws better than the Texas team.”

“My bracket looks like I flunked out of school.”

“Burning my bracket ... Now! ... RIP!!!!”

“I had Vandy going to the Final Four and I really dislike them right now.”

“I actually felt pretty confident about my bracket and it just fell to pieces in a matter of minutes.”

“If you’re a Catholic and a basketball fan, Thursday just wasn’t your day (Notre Dame and Georgetown.) Not a total loser thanks to St. Mary’s.”

“Next year, I think I’ll pick according to which mascot could whup the other in a cage match.”

“That doesn’t work when the Clemson Tigers play the Missouri Tigers.”

“I guess I can now turn my attention to NASCAR.”

“Where’s the bonfire? My bracket is ready.”

“Vanderbilt ... Why? Why? Why?”
“The Big Least is messing up my brackets.”

“Bracketology is just another word for your guess is as good as mine.”

“Had Marquette, Louisville, UNLV, Georgetown, UTEP, Vanderbilt, Minnesota, Notre Dame and Temple not let me down, my bracket would have been great.”

And after Northern Iowa upset Kansas, the team I expect almost everybody had at least in the Sweet Sixteen:

“My bracket just went Pffft.”

“Take your brackets and throw them out the window.”

“Burn bracket burn.”

“LOLLOLLOLLOL Seriously Kansas.”

(Sports columnist David McCollum can be reached at 505-1235 or david.mccollum@thecabin.net)