Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department and the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office

1. Commercial burglary/public intoxication/fleeing on foot at 1205 Dave Ward Drive, Conway (Conway Food Store convenience store). Two 15-year-old suspects were arrested just before midnight on Friday after witnesses at a nearby business saw them allegedly trying to break into the convenience store. Officers arrived to find the two teens standing behind the store near a broken window. They tried to run, according to the report, but were captured by officers. One was struck with a taser projectile, though the other projectile went wide. This teen declined medical treatment, and both were transported to the Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center on suspicion of attempted commercial burglary and fleeing on foot. Both were also cited for public intoxication, one registering a breath alcohol content of .20 and the other .10. According to arrest/disposition reports, the teens were trying to steal cigarettes.

2. Residential burglary at 100 block of Acre Circle (near Twin Groves). Victims reported on March 22 that a burglar had broken into their home around Feb. 1 and stolen or destroyed more than $6,000 worth of property. The burglar had ate or stolen almost all food in the home, drank all of the beer, slept in the master bedroom and seemed to have cooked some pancakes, deputies were told.

3. Commercial burglary at 1310 East Oak St., Conway. (Potter Motors). Management reported that a thief or thieves had entered the business through unknown means late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and stolen two computer monitors.

4. Shot fired/property damage at 10 block of Ball Hill Road (near Springhill). Victim discovered on Wednesday that someone had fired a bullet into a front-porch column. The bullet appeared to be from a large-caliber handgun round, possibly a .45 ACP, according to the report.

5. Motor vehicle theft at 10 block of Leisure Valley Drive. Victim reported on March 23 that a thief or thieves had stolen a $17,000 Harley-Davidson motorcycle from a porch. The motorcycle has what is described in the report as "sea foam green" paintwork and a gas cap with a "Willie G. (Davidson) skull" on it. Skull emblems also appear on both sides of the motorcycle’s fuel tank. The motorcycle is fitted with a "Screaming Eagle" exhaust system, and is said to be very loud. The clutch handle has a broken tip, and the left tail light is loose.

6. Residential burglary at 10 block of Gold Lake Circle (southern tip of Lake Conway peninsula). Victim reported on March 23 that at some point between March 1 and March 19 a thief or thieves had stolen or destroyed more than $2,900 worth of property. A neighbor reported seeing "a bunch of kids coming in and out of the residence" during the time of the incident.

7. Shoplifting at 1212 Harrison St., Conway (Wilkinson’s Mall). Police responded late Sunday afternoon to reports that a woman and two teens were stealing shoes. Officers responded and made contact with the teen suspects and adult suspect Leslie Renee Kober, 34, of 297 Naylor Road, Vilonia, according to the report. The juveniles, a 17-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, were given juvenile theft of property citations and released to a parent/guardian. Kober was arrested on suspicion of theft of property.

8. Seized motor vehicle. A Faulkner County man contacted FCSO as per instructions from an Arkansas State Trooper who oversaw the towing of a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer the man said he had just bought and started paying for. The man was told that the person he bought it from had apparently acquired it through false means — or from someone else who had.

9. Fraudulent online transaction. Victim reported on Thursday that she had sent two "moneygrams" to pay for a vehicle purchased online via an automobile trading Web site, and the vehicle had never been delivered. The "seller" had been out of contact since the second "moneygram" was sent.

10. Residential burglary at 3700 block of Irby Drive, Conway. Victim reported that at some point between early Wednesday morning and Friday morning a thief or thieves had stolen a .22 caliber Ruger rifle. A thief may have made entry through the attic, evidenced by a crack in the ceiling material as though someone had stepped off of an attic beam.

11. Unattended death at Bass Road. Residents of the area noticed that a woman wasn’t going about her usual routine and investigated on March 23 to find that she had died. Her body was sent to the State Crime Lab for positive identification and further investigation. Faulkner County Coroner Pat Moore said on Monday that there was no reason to immediately suspect foul play.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact CPD’s tip line at 450-6135 or FCSO at 450-4914. Staff writer Joe Lamb can be reached at 505-1238.)