I have never been to Conway, but I know that you have some treasures in your town.

I recently had the sad occasion to deal with the coroner’s office and the Roller-McNutt Funeral Home. I feel compelled to share my experience with you because of the extraordinary people who were involved.

My sister unexpectedly passed away in the Conway area, I live in North Carolina and the remainder of my family lives in St. Louis. She was away from her family and had no one with her at the time. This is scary for a family since there was no one who cares for her to see that everything is handled with respect and compassion. It was my family’s great fortune to have Patrick Moore, Coroner, and Gary Anderson, Manager of Roller-McNutt Funeral Home, there to care for my sister. I cannot tell you how caring and compassionate Mr. Moore and Mr. Anderson have been. Mr. Moore made sure my sister’s car and belongings were safe and went above and beyond to find a relative to contact. He answered my questions with honesty and patience, and helped guide me through the maze of What to do. I don’t want to forget Kaylea, who answered my many phone calls with patience and understanding. She was never short or impatient even when I had called for the umpteenth time. Mr. Anderson was equally great. The complications my family faced being out of state were so much less emotional and difficult due to the expert way that things were handled and explained. There were an overwhelming number of details to handle, but Mr. Anderson verbally took me by the hand and led me through everything. I don’t think I can really put into words how extraordinary these people are who cared for my sister and my family. They would probably say they were just doing their jobs, but it was much more important than I can ever say. I won’t be able to thank them in person, so I am asking that the people of the area do that for me. Please when you see them shake their hand or give them a hug for Emily and her family to say “thank you” for everything. Don’t be shy as I am counting on you. People are always quick to complain or point out fault so I want to be sure that residents know about three people who were very kind to strangers in a time of great need.

With sincerest gratitude,

Emily Tohtz

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.