After listening to and reading about how to handle the situation of illegal people coming across the border from Mexico I think I may have a simple way to solve the problem.

When the individual is identified as being in this country illegally the officer will be authorized to give them a few dollars for food and a bus ticket to Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal. 

According to my World Almanac the density of the population in Canada is 9 people per square mile. The area of the country is 3,855,103 square miles as compared to 84 people per square mile in this country. And that isn’t even counting the 10 or 12 million that are here illegally. I haven’t heard any comments from Canadians one way or another about how they feel about this issue so they maybe willing to receive 10 or 12 million new citizens.

Of course many liberals in this country may object to losing all these votes. And they keep telling us how superior the Canadian heath care is, so they will be doing another great service for these people.

James Roberson