To be perfectly honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so relieved to see a new week upon the horizon. It’s finally over.

A normal, crazy-hectic workweek was trumped by my finding out my precious grandma, “Nanny”, is in the hospital battling health issues. On top of that, a dear friend of mine found out he has cancer.

And this, my friends, was all on Monday! Needless to say, just getting to Friday took every bit of strength I had. 

Add in personal issues, and I’ve had one heckuva week.

Good news is I’m down four pounds this week. Hooray!

All I’ve got to do now is keep that pace up, and I’ll be one of them skinny gals in only a mere five years.

With the exception of a totally absent-minded trip through the Wendy’s drive-through, I actually did OK this week. 

Wait, I do remember some smiley face cookies sitting around the office that I wasn’t able to resist either. Oops.

Back to the drive-through I was having a rough day Tuesday, went to the drive-through for lunch, ordered my usual and was on my way.

It wasn’t until I was nearly done with my soda that I realized I was even drinking it. I couldn’t believe that I had ordered a diet soda and proceeded to drink it without even thinking about it. Wow.

That was the only soda this week though, and yes, I am having serious withdrawals. 

Moving on.

My column now has a name. Welcome to “Tales from the Scale.”

After battling my lack of creativity in trying to come up with the name for my column, our editor, Waylon Harris, encouraged me to write a blog asking for name ideas. 

There were several names submitted, in fact, there were so many that I loved, the thought crossed my mind to have a new name each month. That’s not practical, but it would have been fun.

And so now the time comes where I must give the creator his/her props.

To be honest, I didn’t decide until I sat down to write this, and even then, I had to ask for last minute votes from my co-workers. (The submissions were just that good!)

The name actually came from one of my co-workers, our very own Mark Burke.

So, thanks for the name, Mark. Your creativity has shined despite my total lack of it.

Here’s to hoping this week goes a bit smoother than last, for my sanity’s sake.

See you at the scales!

Log Cabin staff writer Leigh Anne Shapard can be reached by phone at 501-505-1221 or by e-mail at