Faucets still run dry in parts of Van Buren County, but help is on the way. 

The Clinton water system failed late Sunday night, and the back-up pumps went down early Monday morning leaving residents in Clinton, Cullpepper and Denard without water during this sizzling summer heat wave.  The National Guard has trucked thousands of gallons into the area but that is only a band-aid on the problem.  

Clinton Mayor Roger Rorie says the city is flying a charter plane to Indianopolis on Tuesday morning to pick up the parts they need to fix one of the water pumps. Rorie hopes the water will be flowing again early this afternoon.

Until then, the National Guard will make sure there is enough water for local residents as well as the patients at the Ozark Health Center.  Mayor Rorie says the reason for this breakdown is due to the water system's old age. Rorie says the pumps are badly in need of an upgrade.

(Courtesy of KATV)