HARRISBURG (AP) — Police Chief Butch Davis says he suspended an officer who let the town's mayor drive off in a city car after the mayor nearly collided with a patrol car.

A few moments later on Aug. 20, Mayor Donnie "Buzzy" Faulkner was stopped by a Poinsett County sheriff's deputy who cited the mayor for driving while intoxicated.

Davis said Wednesday he suspended Officer Robert Wright after reviewing circumstances around Faulkner's DWI citation.

A report by Deputy Eric Moore said that, on Aug. 20, he saw Wright's patrol car, with its blue lights flashing, had stopped another car. After the car that had been pulled over drove away, Moore's report said, he asked Wright what had happened.

According to Moore, Wright said that the other driver almost hit the officer's patrol car head-on. Moore's report said that, when asked if the driver had been drinking, Wright said he hadn't smelled any alcohol. Moore's citation of Faulkner for DWI and other offenses followed a few minutes later.