With Thanksgiving approaching rapidly, it’s common for first time cooks to need a few tips when it comes to turkey preparation. So, Kristen Parham’s kindergarten class at Sallie Cone Elementary recently sat down to describe the way to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving for anyone who finds themselves in a jam during the holiday week. But in some cases, don’t try this at home.

Abby: You put… you cook it in the oven.  Then, you take it out and I think you put salt on it. Put holes in it so that it can cool down on the inside too.  You…hmmm…you cook it, I think, you wrap it in salt. I think I don’t really know about turkeys!  I think I haven’t really watched my Mom enough. I should watch her more at Thanksgiving time!

Antonio:  First, you go buy a gun and then you go hunt it down. Then, you put some salt on it. You cook it with a pan. Put it on the stove and after, you need salt to make it, you put salt on it.  You put the timer on the 30.  After that, I put some season on it-the yellow kind.  It’s ready!  I know it’s ready because of the thing that goes ‘ding.’ After it’s ready I take it out and I eat it.  I eat it with a fork.  I’m a good cook!

Ashton:  Salt.  Pepper. Put some stuffing in the turkey. We put it in the oven. We let it cook for 10 hours. We take it out after it’s done. When the little time goes "ding" it’s done. Then we take it out.  After that we cut the turkey legs off and we give one to each person that’s at the table.  We tear the bones in half and put them on the plate. Then we eat! If anybody wants a little bit more pepper or stuff they just put it on there.

Candy:  Put it in the microwave.  Then you eat it!  Let me think…one more thing — also, my Mom and Dad put a turkey in a pan and put it in the oven. Pat it up and mix it up. They put sugar on it! That’s all!  We eat it for dinner!  It’s real good!

Freddie: I think you get a turkey and then you fry it and then you cut it. Then, you eat! You get the turkey from in the woods. You have to hunt him and then catch him. I don’t put anything on it. I just cook it.  Then, when you cook it, you make it into chicken!

Jose:  Eat it!  Saw it to get the meat.  Put tamales with it!  My Mom makes the tamales. They are good. She is a GREAT cook! Cook it in a pan for… I don’t know! I like turkey. I like bananas with it, too. We have water to drink and chocolate cake with it for dessert.  

Davis:  You skin it. Like, get all the stuff off it. It’s like you skin a deer. You have to get all the hair off it. Put a little salt on him. Then bake him in the oven. You put some, a little more, salt on him or ketchup and mustard. You spread it out all over him.  So that it’s all around the turkey. But, you have to hunt the turkey down first! Then you eat it! Before that you slice it. That’s it!

Erika:  I don’t know how!  But, I think you have to get it. Then you get the feet and they use something for killing it. They get off the feathers and after they get off the feathers they cook it.  The head has to be off, too.  Then you cook it.  After they cook it for, like, 80 times they just put it on a plate and they cut it in pieces.  Then they say, "lunch time!" and every time the turkey is in pieces and then we eat it… all of us!

Fantasia:  You get a gun and you have to shoot it.  Go pick it up.  Put it in a pan and then turn it on.  Turn it on 5 minutes.  Then, you take it out and put it in the oven while it’s still in the pan.  You put at the table and cut it up.  Mom cuts it up.  You can put barbeque sauce on the turkey.  Let it cool off.  Before you eat it I get a paper towel and put it on me like a bib.  That way nothing will get on your clothes!  I use barbeque sauce and it can get on you.

Jason:  You buy it. Then you pull the feathers off.  Then you cook it.  Put pepper on it.  You cut the head off.  You just throw that away.  You can pull the tail feathers off.  Throw those away too.  You can’t use those.  Oh, put salt on it.  Then you eat it!  I eat it with potatoes and gravy.  I like strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Jordan:  Ummm…put meat on it.  I put cheese on it.  Put celery…the celery, you can eat it.  Oh, I put hot sauce.  When the hot sauce cools down then you can eat it.  Put some more cheese.  I like cheese!  You cook it for 20 or 22.  Take it out of the oven and then when it’s cooled down in 2 seconds and 5 seconds then you can eat it.  More hot sauce is good now.  I know it’s done because it’s supposed to just work like that.

Michael:  I take a turkey home. I cook it and it is so good. I can eat it too. I put ketchup on it and then the turkey is real good. Some turkeys change colors. Turkeys change color to brown they are ready to eat. If I dressed up like a turkey I’d say "gobble, gobble". I cook it in the grease. It’s not hot. It’s cooled off. Eat it after you cook it in the grease. I have Jell-O and mashed potatoes with it. I have jelly too. I put that on the turkey too. Hmmm… I need some mustard. The mustard it gets on the turkey and it makes it taste good!

Jaequan:  I don’t cook it, Momma does.  She puts… she catches it and kills it. Then she puts salt in it. Then she puts sugar in it. Momma puts, she likes hot sauce, she puts hot sauce in it. She puts on it, I think, grass.  I don’t know what the grass is for. I did not cook it!  Momma does that! Then Daddy puts… he cooks it. Nana, she puts some polka dots on him. The polka dots are so it will turn orange.  I put on it; I put the white stuff on. The white stuff is for, I don’t know, it makes it different colors. They also put fish in it! My uncles do that!  Oh!  Momma puts burrito sauce and cheese, cooks it again and she also puts in it this tiny paper.  I don’t know what that’s for either.  Momma puts little silly bands in it – all kinds:  light ups, red ones, green ones. She puts apples in it too.  She likes apples when they are in turkeys.  Brother puts sharks in it… the sharks are for him to eat since he likes alligators to eat. I just eat the turkey. It turns out, actually, once it’s done Momma puts more colors in and it turns brown. If it has black stuff, like pepper in it, I won’t eat it!  Momma stirs it up and she cooks it for about 20 minutes or 100 minutes. Take it out and eat it.  I don’t eat the silly bands, that’s for my brother ‘cause he likes hot silly bands. When they cook, I go to Grandma’s!

Jordyn:  You can make turkey icing. You do that… I forgot. Then you put it in the thing that you make cake in. Oh yeah, the stove! You put brown skin on it. You get something brown to make it do that.  Put it in the microwave and then there’s a turkey! Dressing, you can put dressing on it. That’s it. After you put it in the microwave you eat it. I eat it with forks. First thing, you pray to say thank you to God and then you say "amen" at the end of your pray. Then eat it!

Olivia:  Once you see a Thanksgiving turkey you get under a bush, you crawl under it. When you see a turkey you just go real fast and jump on it. You get it in the truck and tie it up. When you get home if it’s still alive you knock it out with a metal pan. Then once you knock it out you get a knife and cut all the skin off. You cook it. You make sure it’s dead. Cut the head off. Then make sure it’s clean inside. Now, cook it. You put dressing on it and you put it on a plate when you are done cooking it. After you’re done cooking it you eat it! Put a kabob next to it.  

Ryanne:  You cook it and then if it’s alive then, well, it might be dead. Then you still have to cook it. Get the turkey out of the store. Then you cook it again. I put some cool things on it. I put cookies, icing and candy canes on it. The candy canes are the ears. They are really funny. Wait, that’s how to hide him, I forget what to put on it to cook it. Oh, you cut the skin off and then make sure if it’s, all the skin is off, put it in the oven. Take it out. Put salt on it. Then, I put ketchup on it. Put it in the oven for four hours. We take it out. We put some stuff, a little bit of salt, on it. Then, it’s… we cut a little bit of skin out of it and cut the turkey in pieces and start eating it. I know the turkey’s done ‘cause, well, my ‘D’ puts it in the oven and everybody was at her house.  It’s done when ‘D’ counts to four! It’s just magic!


Trista: Sugar? And salt? Mustard! You put this in a pan. Slide it in the oven. After you put the turkey in the oven you wait for it to finish. I know it’s finished when it’s ready! It’s ready when it looks like a turkey I can eat for Thanksgiving. I like to put decorations on it; wiggly lines. We eat our turkey with potatoes. My Momma makes those. I just like Thanksgiving because it’s the best!

Uriel: I don’t eat turkey! I eat cookies! Sometimes my Dad and Mom buy me cookies. I don’t like it!  Wait, I eat turkey. You have to catch it. Cut it up. Put it on a plate. Salt goes on it. Vanilla too.  Momma cooks the turkey. I like it hot!  Lots of hot chili! We pray and eat!


Frankie:  We buy ours from the store. On Thanksgiving night we cook it. I usually help cook it. Well, you put… the ones we get are usually brown. We are having a huge Thanksgiving ‘cause a lot of people are coming to our house!  I put salt on it. I help set the table. Me and Zoe carry the turkey to the table. It’s usually in the center of the table. After the salt we cook it. I forgot how we cook it because it’s been so long since last Thanksgiving. We cook it in the oven. I think until everything else is done. Our oven will beep 5 times when something is done in there so that’s when the turkey is done. We put it on the counter, set it there until all the people arrive. Then set the table. I’m usually the guarder so Barney and Smiley (the dogs) don’t get the food!


Tyzaiian: I don’t really know how to make one, but I think I do. You get a gun and hunt it. Then, you put some pepper on there. Put it in the oven. You squish it together and blow in it. That’s what makes it fat! You put it in the oven again and put some salt on there. Get some bread and squish up the bread and put it in the turkey.  You put it in the sink then and water it. Blow in it again, this keeps making it fatter! Cut the legs off. Get one leg and you put a bone in there if you have one. Put it on one of the spots for the turkey. Fry it after all that. Take one piece off and put it in the kitchen in the microwave. You put it in the microwave to make it hot. You have to put it back in the real oven and when you get it out again you blow on it so it can be cooled down. I eat pepper and sauce and butter with it… that’s what I think you do. When it’s cooled down, you get to eat it! I don’t know if it’s gonna be good or not! I’ve never seen anybody make a turkey before. I didn’t get these ideas from anybody else! Ok, I think that’s right!