Among reports released from the Conway Police Department:

1. Criminal mischief, United States Post Office, 1111 Main Street. An incident report was filed regarding the glass being broken out of a door of the building. Employees arrived to find the glass had been broken, but no evidence of what had been used to break the glass. Blood left at the scene has been sent for analysis and the investigation is ongoing.

2. No driver’s license, Griffith Street. A woman driving after dark without the vehicle’s headlights being on was arrested for not having a driver’s license to operate the vehicle. Officers requested to see the driver’s license of the suspect when they initiated a traffic stop but she informed officers that as well as not having a license, she was in the country illegally. When officers checked the identity of the woman, it was discovered that she was wanted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency on a fugitive administration warrant. The suspect was jailed at the Faulkner County Detention Center and was released to Immigration officials.

3. Battery, third-degree, 1800 Block of Independence Street. A man trying to stop an intruder from entering his home was punched twice in the forehead while defending his home. The victim stated that the suspect banged on the door violently before punching through the glass and trying to unlock it. The victim put his foot against the bottom of the door to keep the suspect from entering the home and was punched through the broken window in the door. Police searched unsuccessfully for the suspect, who is known to both the victim and the officers that responded to the scene.

4. Theft of property, Horton’s Convenience Store, 2051 Harkrider Street. A store employee called police after his former girlfriend took three hundred dollars after asking for money to go on a trip. The employee had agreed to give the suspect two hundred dollars but discovered the money missing after leaving the suspect alone in a back room while he served customers. The man stated he called the suspect to ask her if she took the missing cash and she confirmed that she did but that she considered it a gift. Police were unable to make contact with the suspect.

5. Theft of property, 7400 Block of Denise Drive. Police were called when the victim reported his Interstate enclosed trailer missing from his property located on Tyler Street. The trailer was new and the victim had not registered it. Also stolen were items inside the trailer including an air compressor, a portable generator and a pressure washer.

6. Shoplifting, Hastings, 1360 Highway 64. Police were notified after a woman tried to remove a pair of earphones from the package in an attempt to steal them, resulting in wires being torn from the item. A store employee requested that the woman pay for the item in lieu of calling the police, however, the woman did not have funds to cover the purchase. She was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center and jailed.

7. Careless and prohibitive driving, Lower Ridge Road. A suspect failed to pull over after officers attempted to stop him for speeding. After pursuing the suspect, he brought the vehicle to a stop and officers detected an overwhelming smell of intoxicants. The suspect was asked to exit the vehicle and had to lean against it to stand and answer questions from the officer. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed, the suspect stated “enough”. A 30-pack of beer was located in the vehicle with 10 missing. The suspect would not tell officers who had blown into the interlock device inside the vehicle that detects if the driver had been drinking to allow for operation of it. The suspect also refused sobriety tests. He was charged with running a red light, driving with a suspended license due to a previous charge of driving while intoxicated, no seat belt, refusal to submit to chemical test and careless and prohibitive driving.

8. Fraudulent use of a credit card, 1000 Block of Raymond Drive. After being notified by their bank concerning charges made in Italy, the victim and his wife contacted police in regards to the fraudulent use of their debit card. The card was used to make a purchase at a liquor store in Milan, Italy for approximately three hundred dollars. The victim stated he had not authorized the purchase and an incident report was processed.

9. Misdemeanor warrant arrest, Highway 65, south of Interstate 40. After observing a vehicle with a cracked windshield that was obstructing the driver’s field of vision, a routine traffic stop was made. When officers identified both driver and passenger in the vehicle, the passenger had an active warrant and was transported to the Faulkner County Detention Center for processing.

10. Theft of property/motor vehicle theft, 900 Block of Eve Lane. The victim notified police that his 2004 Chevy Colorado had been stolen from his driveway. The victim confirmed that the vehicle had been left unlocked with the keys in it. The truck is white and has a sticker on it that reads “Support your local law enforcement.”