Log Cabin Staff Writer


The Conway Police Department has charged a Conway woman with domestic battery in the second-degree after an altercation involving her husband on Sunday. 


According to LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the Conway Police Department, the suspect initially called authorities to report that she and her husband had been playing with knives when he was injured. However, after arriving at the couple’s Donaghey Avenue apartment, officers questioned the account based on evidence found inside the dwelling. 

"Officers questioned the suspect’s account of the incident based on what they saw at the home," Woodruff explained. "It was evident from the crime scene that the victim had lost a lot of blood and the explanation of how he was injured did not match the story given by the suspect."


The suspect then claimed her husband had been hit with a knife that had fallen from a shelf, but later admitted to cutting him with a meat cleaver during an argument. When emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene, officers were informed that the injuries to the victim’s arm were severe with the laceration extending down to the bone.


The victim was transferred to Conway Regional Medical Center where he is expected to undergo surgery today to repair the damage done to his arm during the attack.