A 57-year-old Conway woman was jailed Wednesday and may face felony charges after she allegedly beat another woman with a cane.

According to a Conway Police Department report, an apartment resident at the 690 block of 1st avenue was involved in an altercation with another apartment resident's granddaughter after the two fought about a handicap parking space.

LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the CPD, said that the victim had a day earlier asked the suspect to stop parking in the handicap space because her grandmother, who has proper handicap tags, needed the space that was close to her apartment door.

Woodruff said that the suspect, who did not have proper tags, did not comply with the victim's request.

According to the report, the victim was taking photos of the suspect's vehicle in the handicap space to send to the complex's manager when the suspect ran out of her apartment "enraged."

"She began yelling at her and told her not to take pictures of her vehicle and (the victim) left when the argument got heated and headed back to her grandmother's apartment. (The suspect) became furious and chased her and hit her on her back and head with a cane, yelling that she was going to kill her. When she got to her grandmother's apartment, she locked the door and (the suspect) went back to her apartment," Woodruff said.

The report stated that the victim waited for a time and "snuck out" to her own vehicle to retrieve her 8-year-old daughter, who witnessed the incident.

Woodruff said that the victim's injuries included several knots on her head and back, as well as cuts to her hands that were received while trying to deflect the cane.

When police arrived, the suspect reportedly "slammed" the door in an officer's face, but she was coaxed into opening the door minutes later.

The report stated that when the officer warned the suspect that serious injury or death could occur if she hit someone in the head with her cane, she advised that she was trying to kill the victim and that "it would have been wonderful if she had."

The suspect will appear in court Friday for two felony citations for battery in the second degree and terroristic threatening.