Calvin Anderson Jr., 30, of Conway, was arrested Thursday and cited with felony domestic battery of a pregnant female.

A Conway Police Department incident report describes the 37-week pregnant victim as Anderson's "live-in girlfriend" and the mother of his unborn child.

The alleged offense occurred at the home of the victim, who stated that the suspect stays at the residence often.

According to the report, Anderson arrived at the residence and accused the victim of infidelity with a friend of his.

LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer for the CPD, said that the report stated that Anderson "got on top of her and choked her."

"It says that she tried to go out the front door, but that he blocked her and she said that this might have been when he slapped her. She had a bloody and swollen lip," Woodruff said.

The report stated that the victim fell to the couch after being slapped and that Anderson "grabbed her by the throat and was sitting on top of her."

While beneath the suspect, the report stated that the victim attempted to call 9-1-1 with a cell phone, but Anderson threw the phone across the room.

"Before this started, he broke her government-issued cell phone in half. She said that she did not try to use this one but that he broke it because it was hers," Woodruff said.

According to Woodruff, neighbors interviewed who live above the victim stated that they could hear the victim yelling "Get off of me," and "I can't breathe."

Woodruff said that they also heard a loud bang at some point, but were unsure if someone was being beaten.

Anderson has two prior domestic charges that occurred in 2006 and 2008. 

He is being held at Faulkner County Unit 2 on a $2,755 bond and may face a charge of interference with emergency communications, a misdemeanor, for keeping the phone away from the victim when she attempted to call for help.