Hendrix College students were witness to a man fleeing from a "werewolf" when the subject's path led him through a campus dorm hall and a nearby apartment.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report, the subject kicked open the front door of a student's residence at Carrington Apartments on Cleveland Avenue, ran through the apartment and exited by jumping from the two-story balcony.

Students called police to report what they thought was a residential burglary in process, but the subject was gone upon officers' arrival.

The report stated that the school's public safety officers contacted police moments later to inform them that students were advising that a male subject who claimed to be running from a werewolf was in Galloway Hall.

When police made contact with the subject, age 27, he advised that he was in Walmart earlier in the night when he "noticed a strange red light."

The subject said that the red light "caused his body to start smoking," and he ran to the alley near Coin Laundry, where he had been sleeping.

The subject stated that a "large beast," which was covered in "gorilla fur," began to talk to him and told him to "get rid of the odor."

"The only thing (the subject) could think of is that he needed to disguise his own odor. (The subject) went to Carrington Apartments and took off all his clothes, threw them in the dryer with someone else's clothes, and then poured a gallon of bleach in the dryer. (The subject) then put on some more clothes and decided to scare the "werewolf" off. (The subject) attempted to light the bleach and clothes on fire but was unsuccessful," the report stated. 

The subject stated that he became scared and kicked in the door of the nearby apartment when the "werewolf" threatened to kill him if he did not. 

According to the report, the subject became convinced that one of the officers was the "werewolf" but was calmed when another officer advised that the subject's handcuffs were made of silver and would protect him from any werewolf.

"This seemed to make sense to (the subject) and he calmed down enough for me to take him to Unit 2," the report stated.

The subject was cited with three misdemeanors and held for Counseling Associates.