Communicating a false alarm at 805 Amity Rd., Hilton Garden Inn - 


Police responded to a call of an active burglary at the business. According to the report, officers arrived as a guest was telling dispatch services that someone was using a pry bar to attempt to get into his room.

A hotel manager and police met in front of the guest's room and found no evidence that the door had been tampered with.

"The person inside said he would get the door open as soon as he could because he had it barricaded and tied shut. While we were waiting for the occupant to open the door myself and other officers felt that we needed to investigate the call for communicating a false alarm," the report stated.

After five minutes of waiting for the guest to open the door, the hotel manager used a master key to gain entry. 

"The knob unlatched but when he tried to push the door open, it wouldn't move. The manager hit the door with his shoulder and it opened about four inches."

The report stated that after the subject moved furniture from the doorway, the officers entered the hotel room and found the individual inside the bathroom holding a box cutter. 

An officer noted that the male's actions were inconsistent with that of someone who requested police assistance. 

The report stated that an officer "grabbed (the subject's) hand that he was holding the box cutter with."

The officer applied force to the subject's wrist and the weapon dropped to the floor, the report stated.

A search of the subject revealed a pill bottle with two different pills and a second box cutter. 

Police located a box in the room that the subject identified as his "medicine box."

The report stated that multiple pill bottles in the box that were all identified as controlled substances were prescribed to the individual, though the amount of medicine in each bottle was considerably less than what the prescription indicated. 

"I also found in a blue canister a white wrapper containing a white powder that tested very dark purple in a methamphetamine test kit," the report stated.

A positive result for methamphetamine would be the color blue, the report indicated. 

A "small but usable amount" of green, leafy substance was also found.

The subject was cited with possession and taken to Unit II for booking.