According to a Conway Police Department incident report, a woman contacted police to report that her vehicle had been damaged in the parking lot of Super 8 Motel.

The victim stated that she found the fuel door open on her vehicle and what appeared to be a candy bar stuffed inside the tank's opening.

"She said she was able to get some of it out, but some of it fell into the tank," the report stated. 

The victim attempted to drive the vehicle, but she stated that shortly after starting it, the vehicle lost power. She was able to drive the vehicle a short distance again before she decided to turn it off and take the vehicle to a mechanic.

When asked if the victim knew of anyone who might be behind the offense, she stated that she believed a woman with whom she has fought with over an ex-boyfriend committed the crime. 

The two had apparently been in an argument via text messages.

The victim stated that the woman "has done the exact same thing in the past after they had an argument."