Wow! This school year has really flown by. School will be out soon! Lots of activities coming up.

Please keep Todd Watkins family in your prayers as he awaits to hear about a liver transplant. We live in such a great community! There will be a Fish fry/Dessert Auction

(I also heard barbecue was donated too) Fund Raiser for them on Sunday, April 22, in the Guy School Cafeteria from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Local Entertainment will be provided.  If you got talent contact Aimee Glover to be put on the list. This fund raiser will help the family with medical expenses in Memphis during the surgery and during the recovery time. Menu consists of fish dinner and fixings or BBQ dinner, hot dogs for the kids and a dessert auction. We are in need of Volunteers for the Dessert Donations.  Please contact Diana (Mitchell) Watkins, 336-4381, Phyllis Poole, 472-1287 or Connie Bollier, 581-2036. I know this will be a success and will mean the world to Todd and Vicky. Our community is awesome to help when a family is in need. Like the sign says "Small town of Guy with a big heart!" That is us for sure. Bring those desserts and come join the fun with free live entertainment and get your belly full too.

Just a reminder that on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. our Mom, Betty Griffith, will celebrate her 80th birthday (which her actual birthday is Monday, April 16) at the Battles White house in Guy, the old Venice and Charles Carpenter place. Turn at the Produce Sign. Please come and have cake and punch and just to visit. Mom doesn’t get many visitors and this would be a treat for her. If you used to work with her at Greenbrier Head Start of Conway Human Development Center or go to the Senior Citizens with her or just an old friend or relative come join us. Hosted by her children, Gary Griffith, Doris Watkins, Carolyn Hays and my self.

Please wish the following people who have had birthdays this past week. Jerry Bruce Rowlett on the 10th, Pat (Presley) Gully who now lives in California, on the 11th, my wonderful friend and Mom, Betty Griffith, on the 16th. We hope that each of you have many many birthdays to come and we love you.

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me. Landon and Sandy was there. Landon was out of day care on Good Friday so he went to work with his Dad and me that day. My office will never be the same. He was a busy little man here. I am still finding sticky notes ever where! Love that little darling! We went to Coppers Springs Church Egg Hunt he had a blast. We made a Easter Bunny cake and got ready for the bunny to come Saturday night. Sunday morning he was so excited that the Easter Bunny remembered to bring him candy and a Transformer toy. We hunted eggs that afternoon after we went to church. By the end of the day I was tired. I cooked lunch for Jerry, Dana, Landon, Sandy and Johnny Dowdy, Betty Griffith and myself. When they all left at about 4:30 p.m. I just relaxed. 

If you aren’t doing anything today come to Area 17 Special Olympics Track and Field Meet at Conway High School. Line up is 8:30 a.m. Opening ceremonies at 9 a.m. and immediately afterwards. Let the games begin! We are always in need of volunteers. Let me win! If I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt! Come out and support our athletes! We will have concessions open and T-shirts for sale. 

Send news to or call 679-3299. Have a great and safe week. You Prom-goers be safe out there! 

This past week’s weather has been a little more seasonal, with cooler temperatures. This time of year we take what we can get and be happy with it.

Calvin and Charlotte Davis, Susan Cavin and I attended the memorial service for Sheryl Bailey Pollock in Jacksonville this past Monday evening. Sheryl fought a long battle with Leukemia. She was the daughter of Maureen Purifoy Fiddler, formerly of the Holland community. She leaves two young children who desperately need our prayers for their future lives, spiritually and emotionally.

Carl and Gale Garrison and Joyce Garrison of Conway were supper guests of Joan McKaskle Saturday, March 31. Debra Robinson cooked fish, hush puppies and all the trimmings for everyone. Debra’s granddaughters, Kinley and Chanley Meek were also present.

Bill Love spent four days this past week in his chair or bed with a viral fever. No basis was found in his bloodwork, just ran fever. He got over it about as fast as it came on. Strange malady with no explanation as to the cause.

Gale Garrison, Jimmie Lee Merritt of Greenbrier, and Joyce Garrison of Conway visited James and Delpha Chambers at Paron last Tuesday.

Carl and Gale Garrison attended the funeral of Mike Kimes at First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ark., last Wednesday. Carl and Mike had been friends since they attended UCA in the 70s. Mike’s two oldest children are grandchildren of Sissy Krissell of Conway, formerly of Bono.