Members of the 2012 Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute class graduated on Sunday in the Mabee Student Center at Central Baptist College.

More than 400 young people from throughout the county have graduated from the Faulkner County Youth Leadership program.

"The Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute program is a great opportunity for young people. The program is designed to help students become more productive citizens and leaders. This program provides a unique character development experience that gives young people the opportunity to contribute something of value to their community, said Marie Abrams, FCYLI director.

As a members of the program, students participate in monthly leadership sessions that cover a variety of social, economic and political topics. They begin their year with an overnight retreat and each class is responsible for a community service project.

The youth leadership program is a cooperative effort between the Faulkner County Leadership Institute and its alumni association, and school districts throughout the community. Adults who have graduated from the Faulkner County Leadership Institute lead the youth program.

"We would not be able to have such a successful program if it were not for our wonderful speakers and sponsors," said Abrams. "Thank you all."

This year’s graduating class includes Alexis Halley, Allison Hopkins, Andrew Dodge, Andrew Fahr, April K. Wright, Blake Gary, Caitlin Straw, Caitlyn Carroll, Caroline Armstrong, Elise Williams, Emily Turner, Hannah Norton, Harrison Daniel, Haley Elizabeth Kinggard, Jenny Walls, Kaycee Gifford, Lauren Hart, Layton McCoy, Leah Riner, Luke Sanders, Madison Dayer, Maria Nabholz, Molly Evans, Parker Hamilton West, Rachel Ross, Robbie Powell, Savannah Cooper, Selene Spatz, Seth Washispack, Slater Smith and Steven McConkie.