My older brother, Ed Hall, died suddenly of a heart attack last Saturday. My family has been suffering this past week but I know Ed would have been so happy to see everyone talking about what a great man he was and how much fun he brought to whatever gathering we were having. His funeral was a graveside service and was packed with family and friends and I just know it would have exceeded his expectations. Our oldest brother, David Hall, led the ceremony and did an outstanding job. I thought I would share some of my favorite stories from Ed.

When Dylan was about two, he pulled everything out of my hallway closet. I asked him why and he said Ed told him to do it. I could not even figure out when Ed would have done that so I called him. While we had talked on the phone earlier, I had forgotten that Ed talked to Dylan. He told Dylan that the water gun he had been looking for was in the closet but he would have to pull everything out of the closet before he would find it. Ed was with me when I threw the gun away and I just bet he was on pins and needles waiting for me to call to see how he pulled it off. Ed played jokes on many people but Mary, our older sister, was his favorite victim. One time he pretended to pour a five gallon bucket of water on her as he tripped and Mary did think it was an accident. Ed was proud that she did didn’t know it was planned but then wanted to confess so he could laugh again. He used to take my kids to Walmart and buy them toys and Kaylee sometimes changed her mind about what she wanted as he was about to check out. He patiently got out of line and made the exchange.

Ed was quite the prankster but had a heart of gold when it came to his family. With all the mean jokes he played on Mary, she was sick and in the hospital and I over heard him say, "I love ya Sissy." He then looked at me and assured me he would deny it if I told anyone but it was too sweet not to share. I will miss my big brother every day of my life but know he is watching over us and is catching up with our daddy in heaven. And I am thankful that I got to be his baby sister and friend while he was on earth.

The stitches have been taken out of my hand and I’m doing much better.

I didn’t get to send sympathy to the family of Sheryl Pollack, in the paper, and I would like to. She had many ties to this community, since her mother, Maureen Fiddler, and aunt, Kathy Pearce, great plus grandparents, all the way back in years were residents of Holland, the Garretts and Purifoys. Her husband and two precious, little children, desperately need our prayers. May God watch over this family.

I just finished reading, "Stop the presses! End of an Era," by Jimmy Bryant. I loved it. You see I remember when we could hardly wait until each Thursday when the "Cabin" came in the mail so we could read the "Items" that had happened the past week in all the surrounding communities. That was the way we kept up with our neighbors since we didn’t have telephones, and not everyone had a car to drive.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy enjoyed a visit one night last week, when family from Conway came out. Kara, Tara and Rebecka Collins and great-grandson, Jessy Gardener.

Charles Earnhart and daughter, Kristi Earnhart, of Mayflower, visited his sisters, Marian McGinty and Sunny Sue Earnhart, and niece, Elizabeth Johnson.

Curtis and Jan Smith of Little Rock hosted a wedding reception and wedding shower last Saturday afternoon at their beautiful home for Hud and Alexis Rannenberg of Conway who were married recently in Las Vegas. A large crowd of family members attended Saturday.

Family members came from Memphis, Tenn., Pine Bluff, White Hall, Conway, Holland and other places I can’t recall. It was a lovely day.

Our weather has changed, it seems like now we are having winter.

God’s love will sustain us through all our tomorrows.

Edward "Sug" McMillen would like friends and neighbors to know he is recovering remarkably well from injuries sustained in a tractor accident in late February. He says he has not fully recovered, but he is now walking without a cast on his foot. Surgeries included skin grafts and a plate was placed in his arm along with seven screws. If you recall, McMillen won Citizen of the Year at Wooster in 2011. He appreciates the many inquiries he’s received about his wellbeing.