GREENBRIER— About 400 Greenbrier High School juniors and seniors partied the night away at their prom held at the Agora Event Center in Conway. "Moments Like These" was their chosen theme. The junior class traditionally plans the prom for the senior class and everyone thought it was an impressive night with exciting decorations and a great DJ. The decorations were many balloons and streamers hung from the ceiling and a beautiful table of small pick-up cookies and munchies. Stretch limousines pulled up with as many as ten to twenty students who were given the red carpet treatment as they arrived for their party night.

Class President, Chase Roberts, took the time to describe his evening—which was typical of many of the guests at this event of the year. His girl-friend, Lauren Eyre, arrived from Jacksonville, TX, for this special time together. Roberts said, "Eighteen of my good friends went together to rent a stretch limo and we were chauffeured to Benihana’s in Little Rock for a great dinner. Of course, the fun evening will include dancing and talking with all our friends at the dance. Afterward, we are all going back to my house where we will have a small fire outdoors to roast smores and other goodies. We will play games like X-box, WII, and ping-pong. The fun thing next week-end is my girl-friend’s prom in Texas where I will go with her. This is a fun time."

The girls were adorned with beautiful ball gowns, from mini-short bouffants to strapless, backless, and some with long trains. Glitter and glam reigned from six inch platform pumps to their beautifully coifed hairdos. Cowboy hats and cowboy/girl boots were very popular with this young crowd. Almost all the girls abandoned their pumps for sneakers as the evening got more energetic. The young men were decked out in their finest, from formal white tuxedos to colorful vests that matched their partner’s gown. Flowers were worn in lapels, on the girls’ wrists, and many adorned their hairdos.

The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen, along with their royal court, at 10:00 p.m. The senior students vote for their favorites ahead of time but it is always a complete surprise until the appointed hour. The 2012 Queen is Jamie Rundel, a girl who suffered a terrible car accident a few months ago and was able to take her first steps to attend the prom. The King is Chase Roberts, quite a favorite of everyone. The maidens in the court are: Ali Rowden, Heather Bound, Laura Shock, and Sarn Tillman. The royal court of men are: Gavin Roberts, Reed Cone, Miles Wassner, and Chris Racca. A special "Honorary King" was awarded to Assistant Principal, Tommy Reed, to a roaring round of cheers.

The disc jockey was a huge success and kept the dance floor hopping all evening. Almost everyone was dancing anything from line dancing to break dancing to waltzing. It was a very sparkly scene with dimmed lighting, strobe lights, and many sequined gowns. You could see the enthusiasm on their faces as they danced and jumped and partied the evening away. Susan Jackson, GHS Principal, checked all the students into the prom and said, "They all look so beautiful."