Boys and Girls Club supporters symbolically broke ground Tuesday at what is to be the new location of the Bob Nabholz facility, one of three buildings attended by 300 of Faulkner County’s youth.

The Nabholz facility now at Deer Street in Conway is an after-school and summer home to about 125 Conway children.

The unit that has been used by the Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County since 1990 is to go back into the hands of St. Joseph Catholic Church at the end of this year.

Since October of last year, the building has been rented to the organization for $1 per month by the church.

The organization and its constituents will move to the new facility, double the size of the current Bob Nabholz building by December.

The move, paired with an upgraded facility is the outcome of a current capital campaign that the Boys and Girls Club announced in January.

Already, its director Robert Wright boasts, the group has raised $1.7 million of the campaign’s $2 million goal.

Assistance has been given in the form of grants and numerous personal contributions.

Wright said Tuesday that he hopes the community’s support does not diminish when the new building at the corner of Robins Street and South German Lane is erected.

"We’ll continue to ask for donations and pledges, and we’ll go to the community for that because we’re doubling our building’s size. Operations and other costs involved with the building will continue. We still have to work on that," Wright said.

The new address near Conway Station Park is already frequented by children on foot. Directors expect an increased enrollment because of the number of children who already play in the area.

"I tell everyone that this is such an ideal place for a Boys and Girls Club," Wright said. "There are a lot of walkers there. I think our numbers will increase after a month of being there."

Four groups that took part in the ceremony Tuesday were the steering committee, to which credit was given for much of the campaign’s success, the organization’s board, a group of Boys and Girls Club members, and several members of the Nabholz family.

The Bob Nabholz Boys and Girls Club was named in honor of Robert Daniel "Bob" Nabholz Sr., who died in 2002.

According to Brad Hegeman, head of the steering committee with his father, Bill Hegeman, Nabholz was instrumental in establishing the club in 1990.

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Members of the Bob Nabholz Boys and Girls Club at Conway ceremoniously turn dirt Tuesday at what is to be the new location of the Nabholz facility, the corner of South German Lane and Robins Street. Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County is at $1.7 million in the $2 million campaign to fund the new building. COURTNEY SPRADLIN PHOTO