The University of Central Arkansas’ College of Education and Department of Early Childhood and Special Education will host "Super Kids 2012," a camp with science-based courses for children entering grades one through three.

The program is flexible so that each of the three distinct courses can be taken in any of the four one-week sessions during June. Dr. Mark Cooper, the director of UCA Super Kids 2012, said a primary goal for Super Kids is to bring science to life. The three topics include the study of medical science, paleontology and chemistry.

"The whole classroom environment invites children to discover, engage and inquire," Cooper said. "Once children walk in a Super Kid classroom, there is no asking, ‘What is the topic?’ The topic is reflected by the sights and the sounds of the classroom. For instance, the children participating in Young Medical Scientist feel a part of a medical clinic."

There will even be a day where Dr. Steely, a cardiologist in Conway, teaches the children about the heart.

UCA Super Kids 2012 will go beyond science. Twenty minutes, three days per week focuses on building relationships among participants. The Super Kids team will discuss the meaning of the motto, "Once a Super Kid Always a Super Kid."

Applications will be processed on a first-come basis. Enrollment will include all three courses. For more information, call 450-3171 or visit