Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Breaking or entering a vehicle at 3900 block of Dave Ward Drive. Among stolen items totaling $1,297 were CDs, a computer, computer and video games, books and water balloons.

• An employee of McDonal’s located on 144 Dave Ward Drive, filed a report after a customer who was previously banned from the store came back on the property and stole a large soda. The employee stated that the man was banned for the same type of incident that she advised had just taken place. The man allegedly made a purchase for a large water and walked to the soda fountain and filled the cup with soda.

• Police responded to a theft on Walmart located on 1155 Skyline Drive, in reference to a shoplifter who left the scene. Police apprehended the suspect and the merchandise. The report stated that the suspect was a former employee of Walmart.

• A resident of 1900 bock of Hogan Lane reported $12,677 in stolen items.

• An apartment manager at the 1700 block of Hariston Avenue contacted police to file a complaint when other residents reported that a resident had been harassing them.

According to the report filed with the Conway Police Department, the manager was told that a resident had been knocking on doors and cursing at his neighbors.

"(The manager) advised that she was told (the subject) had picked some flowers that were planted in the courtyard and thew them" at a female neighbor. The manager was also told that the subject had thrown a packet of oatmeal in the woman’s direction.

• A victim of theft at the 1400 block of Clifton Street stated that someone stole his iPad from his apartment. The iPad was located by police one day later at a retailer in Conway.

• Employees at the Walmart located on 1155 Skyline Drive told police they saw two males load two shopping carts with motor oil and exit through the front doors of the business. When approached by an employee to see if the two had paid for the merchandise, the two subjects fled.

• Loss prevention officers at the Walmart on 3900 Dave Ward Drive told police that a male subject concealed four GPS units in his jacket and walk out of the store.