Alltel Wireless has joined with PrivacyStar of Conway to provide Android users with an application that blocks unwanted calls and texts and reports telemarketer and debt collector violations directly to the Federal Trade Commission.

Other features include SmartBlock, Do Not Disturb, Caller Lookup and more.

"With more and more

people abandoning landlines for the sole use of mobile phones, people are living a very mobile life and finding that privacy options are a necessity," said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of PrivacyStar.

"We are proud that two Arkansas high-tech companies are coming together to offer Alltel Wireless customers a powerful set of privacy features that will give customers the capability to have complete control of their mobile phone."

Its call blocking feature blocks unwanted calls and text messages from individual, private and unknown numbers.

A SmartBlock feature uses crowdsourcing for the top 25 blocked numbers and automatically blocks them for all PrivacyStar users.

PrivacyStar’s complaint filing feature allows users to report potential Do Not Call Registry and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations directly from their phones, making it easy to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition, the Do Not Disturb provides consumers with the ability to send customized text messages such as "I’m driving" or "in a meeting" to callers when unavailable.

With PrivacyStar’s Caller Lookup function, identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List.

"Alltel Wireless is committed to offering products that simplify the lives of our customers," said Scott Moody, vice president of marketing for Alltel Wireless.

"We are thrilled to partner with another Arkansas-based company to provide our customers with an added layer of convenience, further demonstrating our continued commitment to present the best value in wireless."