Decisions made in 2006 by Conway Corp. to increase the storage capacity at James H. Brewer Lake have lessened the city’s worries about a dependable water supply during drought, such as the one the county is suffering now.

Construction at the lake in Conway County increased lake depth from 326 feet mean sea level to 330 feet MSL

Increased water usage in June, including that for the water treatment plants, lowered the level of the lake to 324.6 as of Wednesday.

If the lake gets below 323 feet MSL, voluntary water conservation may be implemented.

Only one-tenth inch of rainfall was measured at the lake in June, and 441 million gallons of water were treated, one of the biggest months on record, said Tommy Shackelford, chief operating officer.

At its monthly meeting on Tuesday, the Conway Corp. board of directors also

• Saw photographs and heard about progress on construction of the Tupelo Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant on Lollie Road.

• Saw photographs of the installation of surface aerators at the Tucker Creek Wastewater Treatment plant. They also cleaned debris from diffusers that waw causing complaints about bad odors in the spring.

• Voted to purchase 16 acres at East German Lane and Middle Road for future construction of an electrical substation at the appraised price of $300,000.

• Authorized the purchase of internet hardware at $62,000 and software appliances at $54,000 to serve needs of the cable system as it grows.

• Heard Jason Hansen, chief technology officer, report that there are 2,681 residential users of Conway Corp. telephone and 954 business customers, predicting that as more residential customers give up their land lines, those numbers will be offset by increased usage in the business sector. He said Conway City Hall recently was converted to Conway Corp. phone service.

• Authorized a contract at $382,000 with Koontz Electric of Morrilton for construction at the Tyler substation.

• Voted to sponsor the Conway Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Concert at $5,000.

• Heard a request from Phillip Fletcher of City of Hope for $3,500 for playground equipment and landscaping on an empty lot in Oakwood Village for the use of the children in the neighborhood. The board increased the amount of the request to $5,350 to also also pay for the $150 monthly lot rental.

• Led by CEO Richie Arnold, the board sent regards to Sandy Brewer, Conway Corp. manager of materials and properties for almost 28 years. Brewer is retiring, and a reception in his honor will be held from 2-4 p.m. on July 31 at the Service Center on Harkrider.

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