Daughters Susan and Verena worked six long days last week detasseling corn. By Saturday night they were tired girls. Verena’s brace rubbed her foot open in two places. I wanted her to stay home today but she wanted to go detasseling again. Benjamin is now a teenager since the 14th. And  Joe and I had our 19th anniversary yesterday, July 15th. Time has gone too fast. Daughter Loretta sat down one day last week to write the column. She said she wanted to do something to help me out. I am glad she did because it was good for her to put her thoughts into writing. She has a journal that she writes in, which is a good way for her to vent through this difficult trial which she is facing at this young age in her life. 

July 4 sister Elizabeth and her friend Timothy asked me to go to the parade in town. Sister Lovina also went with us. We got a lot of candy from the parade but we took it back and shared it with our brothers. It was fun to watch the parade. There were fire trucks, horses, and little ponies. They look so cute. Also some race cars. My sister Susan has a new miniature pony that she is training for someone. The pony’s name is Tiny Tim. He is still a little rowdy. Susan is line driving him. Susan is a good trainer because she has a lot of patience. Even if she comes home late from detasseling corn all day she wants to work with the pony. I don’t know what else to write now.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. God bless you.

For the recipe I will share my coffee soup recipe. I love it for breakfast but Mom doesn’t let us have it often since it has caffeine. She doesn’t think it is a healthy breakfast. Most of us like it with crackers in it but Mom and Dad like it with toast.

We really like it with Pon Hoss when we have some in the winter.

1 cup water

2 teaspoons coffee

4 teaspoons white sugar

3 cups milk

Crackers, bread, or toast

Heat water in a 2 quart kettle Lift off and add coffee and sugar. Put back on the stove and add milk. Take off when hot. Crumble crackers, bread, or toast into it or eat without either one. Some like it plain.