We have all heard this question asked "Why won’t he or she just tell the truth?"

I’ve also heard someone say "Just give me the whole truth and don’t hold back," or "Give me the truth and tell me no lies" But the truth is, can we handle the truth?

I believe that there is no half-truth; if the truth is not whole then it is a lie.

Some would just prefer to be lied to, simply because they can’t handle or except the truth.

I’m reminded of the movie, A few good men, when Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) tells Col. Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) - from the witness stand - to give him the truth; to which Jessup answers "You can’t handle the truth." This certainly is the truth; sometimes we demand the truth, but are not mentally or emotionally prepared to except it; although we certainly need to know the truth; but timing is everything. The right place and time can make a world of difference to whether a person will or can except what is being said.

Pilate asked Jesus "what is truth" but when he was given the truth he refused it. The Webster dictionary defines truth as "That which is in accordance with fact or reality" synonyms for truth are, reality, fact and sooth.

The truth is supposed to sooth us or bring peace into our being; but it does so, sometimes only after we have been angered by the truth first. The Bible says that the "The truth will make us free." One might ask "Free from what?" Free from anything other than the truth; free from a life of lies and pretense and mask to cover up. We need to know the truth because it liberates us and gives us the opportunity to forgive, and the room for correction and improvement - which we all need - The truth is there are no perfect people. So let’s speak truth and except truth, we will be the better for it.