A new fly fishing store has suddenly appeared on my radar. I have to say that is a pretty cool pursuit to have a store dedicated to.

Tim Bull of Dardanelle just opened The Toad Fly at 1214 Clifton St. Those of you who are familiar with fly fishing (of whom I am not one) are already appreciating the pure genius of the name. It is actually the name of a fly used in saltwater fly fishing, and just fits in so neatly with all of us toad-loving types here in Conway.

Bull said he has been fly fishing for at least 15 years, and he has been dreaming of opening his own shop for several years as well. He decided to go out on a limb and try to make his passion into his work.

In addition to rods, reels, waders and a wide selection of fly tying materials, Bull said he plans to offer fly-tying classes, fly casting classes, guided fishing trips, etc. He will also carry crappie lures, bass lures and other items to satisfy the fisherman in everybody, he said.

The store is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Bull plans to have a grand opening in early August.

Ken and Robin Stauffer of Stromboli’s have sold their interest in the business to their partner, Cliff Crain. Reports say everything is going to remain just the same at the restaurant, so fans, sleep easy. Ken Stauffer reported on Facebook that he is becoming a MAC tool distributor in the Conway area.

I had to laugh as I wrote that subhead. I mean, I do have a super secret source, sort of. But here is the part of the column you get to take with a grain of salt.

Remember a rumor about a state-of-the-art bowling center that was supposed to be built in Conway? One that was supposed to blow everyone’s minds with its amazingness? Well, I wouldn’t want to appear to know something that I don’t know for sure, but rumor has it that a project very much like that one is on. Like Donkey Kong.

If my super secret source has it right (which you know he or she usually does), I hope to have more on this before too long.

(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to rachelpdickerson@gmail.com)