The first day of Kindergarten may be a bit easier for children who attended Safety Town, a week long program that teaches safety awareness.

Pre-kindergarteners were able to board and ride a school bus Wednesday, many for the first time.

Donna Wilchie, Ida Burns Elementary counselor, gave children a full tour of the of the components of a school bus like the one they’ll encounter on the first day of classes in the fall.

How to behave safely around and inside the bus was a large part of the activity, as well as getting over school bus jitters.

At the end of the activity, children understood the sounds a bus will make should not be scary, how to cross in front of the bus, and how to safely board and exit.

Railroad safety was also taught Wednesday.

On Thursday, children will learn through programs presented by MEMS.

Friday, children will participate in Stranger Awareness Day and learn about Amber Alert.

At the week’s start, children learned about laws and emergencies with the Conway Police Department.

Assistant Mayor Amy Fulmer said a favorite day was Tuesday, when Conway Fire Department visited the program at Woodland Heights Baptist Church with two fire engines and mascot, Patches.

The comprehensive education program introduces safety awareness through classroom, role-playing and hands-on activities.

During the week, participants learn about fire, home, train, household poisons, vehicle, playground and personal safety.

As the 116 children rotate activities, they are treated to a time in "Safety Town," a miniature town with streets, stoplights, crosswalks and stores.

This is the teachers’ opportunity to hold an exercise that teaches children not to follow a ball into the road without looking both ways as other children are riding around the town on tricycles practicing proper street safety rules.

Safety Town, in its 16th year, is hosted by the Junior Auxiliary of Conway and sponsored by Conway Regional Health Systems.

All participants are children entering Kindergarten in the fall.