I think a lot of people will be pleased to learn that downtown Conway is getting something it has never had before — a restaurant that specializes in chicken and waffles.

Apparently this particular delicacy has been around for a pretty long time, especially in big cities where people are out all hours of the night and end up going to a restaurant hungry for dinner and breakfast simultaneously.

Rhonda Boyd, a Conway native, is bringing this new (for us anyway) experience to Conway. The restaurant will be on Van Ronkle Street in the storefront where Funky Junk used to be. By the way, Funky Junk has moved to Springhill next to Arkansas Peddlers.

Boyd ran a restaurant in south Arkansas for a while, and she has been back in Conway since 2006. She said she and her family stay pretty busy, and so they do a lot of dining out. When she opened a restaurant, she wanted to offer something totally different, she said.

By the way, just to encourage everyone to be in a good mood when they go try it out, I will mention that on some nights there might not be a lot of parking on that street. So just make up your mind ahead of time to park and walk and be happy when you get there.

Boyd hopes to get the restaurant open in the next month or so, but the building has never been equipped with a kitchen before, so it could be longer.

Downtown on Oak Street, in the former Kicks location, Archie Lewallen is opening Dear John, a resale clothing store. He will have two types of customers – those who want to sell their clothing and walk out with cash, and those who want to purchase resale clothing. He will also offer new jewelry, purses and wallets. Lewallen said the store’s name, Dear John, is a joke about breaking up with clothes when you outgrow them or get tired of them. He said the store will have a breakup theme, filled with "funny jabs at exes."

Also, The Draft sports bar is interviewing bartenders starting Monday.

(Rachel Parker Dickerson is a freelance columnist/journalist. Send your questions and comments to rachelpdickerson@gmail.com)