The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) awarded certificates and degrees recently to 906 graduates of its five colleges and graduate school during its commencement ceremony at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock.

Diplomas were presented to 129 in the College of Medicine; 263 in the College of Nursing; 112 in the College of Pharmacy; 44 in the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health; 85 in the Graduate School and 273 from the 21 academic programs that make up the College of Health Related Professions.

During commencement, degrees and certificates conferred include the doctor of philosophy, doctor of medicine, doctor of pharmacy, master of science, master of nursing science, bachelor of science in nursing, master of public health, doctor of public health, certificate in clinical and translational science, master of health services administration, post baccalaureate certificate in public health and a variety of degrees in the allied health disciplines including certificates, associate and bachelor of science degrees, post-baccalaureate certificates, the master of imaging sciences and doctor of audiology.

The following are local graduates from each of the five UAMS colleges and its graduate school. Graduates from Faulkner County are: Alisha Trent, medical degree, of Conway; Jessica Coker, medical degree, of Vilonia; Nedra D. Allen, Master of Science in Nursing (MNSc) degree, of Conway; Lauren MacKenzie Castleberry, Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), of Conway; Kathryn Marie Gunter, BSN, of Conway; Stacey Marie Johnson, MNSc, of Conway; Alicia Natalie Leon, BSN, of Conway; Haley Faith Taliaferro, MNSc, of Conway; and Gloria Oluwatoyin Tolani, BSN, of Conway; Lisa Kathleen Spann, BSN, of Greenbrier; Joshua Cole Davis, BSN, Vilonia; Caitlin R. Taylor, BSN, of Vilonia; Jennifer Victoria Shook, MNSc, of Vilonia; Matthew Hambuchen, pharmacy degree, of Conway; Athena Lynn Kingston, pharmacy degree, of Conway; Jordan Lynn Brazeal, pharmacy degree, Greenbrier; Matthew James Barker, Certificate in Emergency Medical Sciences, of Conway; Adam Casey Weiser, emergency medical sciences, of Conway; Kayla Michelle Dickey, Associate of Science in Medical Radiography, of Conway; Courtney Ellen Moody, radiography, of Conway; Horatio Katie Jo Poole, radiography, of Greenbrier; Denese Danielle Diggs, Associate of Science in Medical Record Technology, of Conway; Michelle Lea Gilleran, record technology, of Conway; Heather Lenore Morris, record technology, of Conway; William Patrick Ellis, Associate of Science in Surgical Technology, of Conway; Heather Jean Baker, Bachelor of Science in Cardio Respiratory Care, of Greenbrier; Lindsey Anne Floyd, Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology, of Conway; Robert Joseph Lessard III, cytotechnology, of Greenbrier; Wanda Elena Lessard, cytotechnology, of Greenbrier; Christy Lynn McSpadden, Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, of Conway; Jade Roberson, dental hygiene, of Conway; Savannah Whitney Stewart, dental hygiene, of Conway; Shaylene DeBusk, Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, of Conway; Jennifer Renee Hodges, medical sonography, of Enola; LaRon S. Lasker, medical sonography, of Conway; Meagan Elizabeth Chastain, Bachelor of Science in Ophthalmic Medical Technology, of Conway; Haylee S. O’Kelley, Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy, of Vilonia; Elizabeth Diane Kelley, Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Imaging Sciences, of Conway; Pearline G. Saucier, Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Dietetics and Nutrition, of Conway; Kelly Rae Zimmerman, Doctor of Audiology, of Greenbrier; Constance Michele Carroll, Master of Public Health, of Conway; Hannah Elizabeth Goyne, Master of Science, of Vilonia; Julie Anna Kaylor, Master of Science, of Conway; and Sarah Catherine Vick, Master of Science, of Conway.

UAMS is the state’s only comprehensive academic health center, with colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Related Professions and Public Health; a graduate school; a hospital; a statewide network of regional centers; and seven institutes: the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, the Jackson T. Stephens Spine & Neurosciences Institute, the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy, the Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute, the Psychiatric Research Institute, the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging and the Translational Research Institute. UAMS has more than 2,800 students and 775 medical residents. For more information, visit