Jimmy Bartley and his grandson, Neal Bartley of Mount Vernon have struggled this year with their watermelon crop.

The drought has hit them hard, though they’ve been able to water as needed from a pond near their 6-acre patch.

They had a pickup-load of Crimson Sweets (15-20 pounds), Black Diamonds (30-40 pounds) and Cobb Jims (40-pounds-plus) for sale at the Faulkner County Farmer’s Market on Tuesday. They’ll be back on Thursday and Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to noon.

Neal Bartley said back in the 70s, when his granddad began raising melons, he never had to water. This year, after breaking ground for the crop on the first of May, the watering has been essential.

Neal says they have melons at several stores around the county, and they also rely on that old watermelon sales method known for generations: "Sit and peddle."

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