University of Central Arkansas police will wrap up an investigation into allegations of criminal activity by former Chief of Staff Jack Gillean and turn the case over to the prosecutor in the next two weeks, Prosecuting attorney Cody Hiland said Tuesday.

Gillean resigned suddenly June 15 after investigators discovered his grand master key had been used in a break-in on campus over the weekend of June 8. During the past few months, the university had several break-ins where someone used a key at McAlister and McCastlain halls to enter the buildings and offices. In some cases prescription drugs were stolen. In January, someone broke into McAlister and looked at "important" documents at McAlister Hall, according to police records.

Gillean reported his key "lost" around November of last year.

The person who used Gillean’s key was questioned but no one has been arrested. Officials have not released the name of the person questioned, said Arch Jones, director of organizational and community services.

Shortly after Gillean resigned, UCA began an audit into a former employee of Gillean’s, Adam Henderson, who resigned just weeks after Gillean.

Henderson worked in the environmental health and safety office and reported to Gillean. Henderson received a $20,000 pay raise that was cut in July, according to UCA documents.

University officials have been tight-lipped over specifics of the investigation, saying only the investigation is ongoing.

"Any comment on an ongoing investigation is inappropriate," Jones said.

Gillean did not return a message left on his Facebook account Tuesday. His cell phone has been disconnected.

Officials have released no information on findings in the audit, which included confiscating a tower computer, iPad and Thinkpad laptop, according to emails released under the Freedom of Information Act. In a July 13 email to other UCA officials, including President Tom Courtway, Director of Audits Pam Massey said: "The audit of Adam Henderson and his office expenditures were not a routine audit."

Massey will report her audit findings to the Board of Trustees in September.