Senator Jason Rapert and his family along with Holland volunteer’s assisteted families pack their children’s backpacks with much needed school supplies. Children were delighted to try on their new back to school clothes. This was a great success and our community will do this again in fall 2013. A big thank you to all that donated and helped with this event.

Some of our families indicated their children will need coats for the upcoming winter please contact Becky Moltz at 501-258-9926 if you have any to donate. These coats will be for boys and girls.

You are invited to Frankee Battles 90th birthday party today at Mt. Olive Baptist Church this afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m. Come by and share her birthday and wish her a happy birthday! She is a special lady in our community. The party is hosted by her daughters who love their mom very much. Ms. Frankee worked in the cafeteria at Guy Perkins School for many years. They have requested no gifts just your presence!

Bessie and Darrell Bearden are great-grandparents again as Jane and David Bearden are grandparents again. Their great-granddaughter was born about two weeks ago weighing in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and 19 inches long. Her name is Phoenix Sieria. Parents are Shannon and Michael. 

Please keep Montene Tarkington in your prayers at the time of this writing she is in St. Vincent Hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Please keep our mom Betty Griffith in your prayers. She is having physical therapy some at home. If your out and about drop in to see her she talks about her friends she used to work with and especially the Linn family and Ms. Andrea. Or at least give her a call. Life is short and we never know what is before us!

Landon Dowdy came and spent Saturday night with mom and me. He was so cute wanting to help his granny. We had a great night and day.

School starts Monday so watch out for kids waiting to catch the buses and when those buses stop too. Traffic will be heavier because this is the first day of school. Remember you will be carrying precious cargo and the buses will be too. Be careful and be safe out there.

Daniel Rooney, you took some awesome pictures of Doris, Chase and Dawson. They were great.  

Prayers and good luck to all those first time college students and those that are going back to college. Wish you lots of luck and a bright future.

Keep the following in your prayers, Wilma Stevenson, Frankee Battles, Betty Griffith, Montene Tarkington, Todd Watkins and any one else that is sick or has been sick.

Prayers out to the family at Wooster who’s son was killed by a drunk driver. It was a hit and run and glad they caught them later in Morrilton. I say again and again, if your gonna drink don’t get behind a wheel. A life is precious and you took one by making that choice to drink and drive. I volunteer with MADD and we need more volunteers to help keep those that make the choice to drink and drive, to keep them off the road. This family will be in pain for a long time. Prayers to you during this tough time. 

Send news to or call 679-3299 and leave a message. Have a great week and a safe one.

It has been a few weeks since I have written any Shady Grove News. I have not had any community support from all of you people who have been on family vacations or otherwise. Please help me by sending me something to write for the column.

Gale and Carl Garrison, Jimmie Lee Merritt of Greenbrier, and Joyce Nell Garrison of Conway spent Thursday afternoon with James and Delpha Chambers at Paron. They all, with the exception of Carl, met Kirk and Jeannie Price of Morrilton, and Chris and Peggy Dauten of Elkins at the Morrilton Drive In Restaurant in Morrilton for lunch on Wednesday. They all spent the afternoon visiting at the Price home.

My sister, Polly McGhee, of Star City spent the weekend of August 3-5th with Bill and I. She is a remarkable person at 86 years of age. Still works full time as her church’s secretary, and goes and does as she wants and when she wants to. Hope I take after her!

May God help those who are hurting. Tragedy has struck our community again. Please pray for the family of young Garrett Martin who was struck and killed while on his 4-wheeler late Wednesday afternoon. It was a hit and run by an intoxicated driver who was going very fast on a narrow road. What will it take for those who choose to drink and get behind the wheel to realize what a risk they are taking in doing so? Such a young life lost to the results of alcohol. The entire community is hurting, please keep your prayers going, only God can heal!

Our sympathy and prayers also go to the families of Cathy Garner who was killed in an auto accident last week. She was the sister of Jim Burcham, and Gale Huss.