School started this week — ready or not — and we ask again, please be careful. Watch for the children. They depend on us to watch them, too.

I want to thank everyone for all your prayers, calls, cards, visits, food, and all your acts of love and friendship bestowed on me and my family during my sickness. May God bless each and everyone of you.

Our new pastor, Donna Alberts, is preaching some good soul searching messages.

We are still praying for rain, we’ve had a little, but it seems to go all around us. We are still very dry. But God will send ours when He is ready.

Silas McGaha of Little Rock spent last Thursday night and Friday night with his grandparents, Ronny and Janie McGaha. His parents, Corey and Kelley McGaha, and little brother, Max, came and picked Silas up Saturday afternoon. Kids love visiting grandparents.

Janie McGaha visited her sister, Melba Free, and brother, Ricky Loyd, last Sunday afternoon in Mt. Vernon.

Smitty and Judy Buck of Mayflower visited Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy one day last week. They enjoyed their friends’ visit.

John and Sherry Sellers have enjoyed having their camper set-up at Chatawa lately. The family has enjoyed going up there and relaxing. They wanted Ray and me to come up after church Sunday, and we would go eat out, and go sightseeing a while. We enjoyed it.

Betty Applegate enjoyed her grandchildren and greats visiting over the weekend. Toni Emilie, Avan and Trinity, also visited grandparents, Lewis Jay and Sandra Cardin.

We lost a first cousin last week by death. Carol Sue, daughter of deceased, Marvin and Pauline Lee of Sherrill, formerly of Faulkner County. Her brother, Bobby Emmitt Lee, survives and lives in Illinois. She is also survived by her children and cousins.

Mike and Madlyn and son, Dillian Cobb, and Dillian’s friend, Shelley of Concord, Calif., spent the weekend with their grandparents, Harold and Brenda Firestone. Mike is Brenda (decease brother Bobby’s) son. Adam Cook and family, and Andy Cook and family, grandsons, came and they all went to Carlene and Joe Burns home, and celebrated Harold and Brenda’s 51st wedding anniversary.

Calvin Cobb is not well. Please pray for him.

Judge not, that ye be not judged, Matthew 7:1.

Congratulations to LifeSong Baptist Church for being a gracious and successful host to the 134th Faulkner County Singing Convention. We understand the July 20 session saw a big crowd and the July 21 singing was great. Something that has been going on for 134 years must have extraordinary appeal. Next year, we understand the 135th Convention will be at Pleasant Hill Church of the Nazarene here in the Centerville community. Since the 2011 Convention was at Centerville United Methodist, we consider our community especially privileged. The 2013 session will begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 26, continue on July 27 at 10 a.m., break for lunch, and resume at 1 p.m. Mark your calendars now. The address for Pleasant Hill Church is 193 Johnson Loop, which is some 10 miles east of Greenbrier on State Highway 225.

Darrel and I took Dylan and Kaylee to Branson the weekend before I had to return to work to enjoy the Shepherd of the Hills Car Cruise and Silver Dollar City. We got lucky on Friday as the temperatures were a little cooler and enjoyed our day riding rides and looking at exhibits. Saturday, however, was so packed that we couldn’t even turn around comfortably and the lines for the rides were unbearable. We stayed for a while but finally went back to the hotel so the kids could swim and we could rest a bit before going to the car cruise. There were many beautiful cars in the cruise, both antique and new, and the air was chilly enough that we wished we had brought our jackets. Even though we had a fabulous time in Branson, the highlight of my weekend was when I picked my precious Shelby from the kennel and went home. There is no place like home!

There have been some horrible things happening in our county lately so be sure you keep the families involved in your prayers. As always, please email me at if you have news for the community article.