Employees at a local medical clinic contacted Conway police to report the alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl after the girl came to the clinic requesting to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

An employee told police they had received a phone call from the girl’s mother, who set up the appointment.

Clinicians said that the girl told them that she had been sexually assaulted about a month ago by unknown individuals at a party.

When asked, the girl told police that the reason she hadn’t reported the incident was because she "put herself in that situation" and "didn’t remember anything."

The girl told police that she had attended a party with friends last month and only knew about the incident because one of the friends had "told her about it."

The girl said the only thing she remembered about the incident was heading to the party, somewhere "towards Russellville."

Police contacted the girl’s mother by phone. The woman confirmed that she was aware of the incident and said that she was trying to get more information from the girl’s friends, who she said "know more than they are admitting."

The woman said she would bring the girl to the clinic again at a different time so she could be present for any treatment.

The incident was reported to the Arkansas State Police hotline and is still under investigation.

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