Conway City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday authorizing personnel changes within the Conway Fire Department.

Twenty CFD lieutenants will become captains under the new ordinance, which will eliminate the lieutenant position.

"This won’t change any monetary outlay that we’re on the hook for this year, but it will increase salaries in 2013 a minimal amount," said Alderman Andy Hawkins, Ward 1, Pos. 1.

According to the ordinance, the measure brings the department in line with other fire services.

Hawkins said the new structure is similar to the Conway Police Department.

The department will have 30 online captains, according to Assistant Chief Mike Winter.

Mayor Tab Townsell said the city will equalize pay "down the line."

The Council approved one permanent and two temporary easements at the proposed site for the Walmart Marketplace at Prince Street.

The permanent easement allows Walmart to install underground storm drainage pipe across Pompe Park property from Walmart to Tucker Creek.

A temporary easement approved by the council Tuesday will allow Walmart to install landscaping between the store and the walking trail. Walmart representatives agreed to replace larger trees affected by the drought with large replacement trees.

The final easement allows Walmart to install an irrigation system on park property to maintain landscape for one year before it becomes the park’s responsibility.

The council approved the following appropriation of $418,894 in federal funding through the Community Development Block Grant:

• $180,000 to Pine Street revitalization sewer and water.

• $50,000 to Bethlehem House construction.

• $42,282 to Faulkner County Council on Aging lot resurfacing.

• $10,000 to Bethlehem House transportation.

• $10,000 to Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County transportation.

• $10,000 to Faulkner County Council on Aging transportation.

• $20,000 to Faulkner County Council on Developmental Disabilities.

• $9,634 to Independent Living Services matching grant for a bus.

• $3,200 to Independent Living Services for paper shredder at Profiles Productions.

• $83,778 to administration.