On July 2012 New Life Church of Conway sent three teams to China. One team was composed of three worship leaders, and they did a worship seminar in Hong Kong with students who were interested in learning more about how to lead worship.

The second team had 15 people and they worked at Pui Ching High School in Macau, China for one week. In the morning they taught 750 elementary students about creation, memorized Genesis 1:1, had a craft time where they created things that God made and sang many songs.

In the afternoon, the team taught Bible study to high school students and played games afterward.

"There were over 30 students who trusted Christ during the afternoon," said Dr. Quentin Washispack, pastor at New Life Church.

The third team followed the second team back to back and had 17 people. They taught the book of Philippians to 750 high school students in the morning and continued the Bible study to high school students in the afternoon.

By the end of the second week there were over 50 students attending the afternoon session.

After the second week was over, 11 students and one pastor from Pui Ching came to Conway for a two-week stay. The students stayed in homes of people at New Life Church. The students visited the Little Rock Zoo, the Clinton Library, the State Capitol, went on a retreat to Ozark Conference Center in Solgohachia, toured University of Central Arkansas and attended the Collide Youth Conference at New Life Church.

Washispack said was he was very encouraged by the 27 people from NLC that went on all three trips and that he is excited about the relationships built with the Macau students who came to Conway.

He stated, "We want to continue our relationship with the students at Pui Ching School and we would love for some of them to come to central Arkansas to continue their college education. I was encouraged by the response of our church and the hosting of the students."

New Life Church is in the process of considering starting NLC campuses in Hong Kong and Macau. Washispack and Executive Pastor Darren DeLaune and another worship pastor are planning to return to Hong Kong and Macau in October to continue the process of assessing NLC campuses there.