The Vilonia Board of Education passed Monday night its 2012-2013 budget with no unexpected changes over last year’s budget.

"It’s a good year financially for the district," said Superintendent Frank Mitchell.

The district began the 2012-2013 school year with a balance of about $5.8 million with anticipated revenue of $26.3 million and anticipated expenditures of about $24.7 million.

Reviewing line by line, Mitchell called attention to several areas. For instance, he said, the teacher salary fund was set at about $11.9 million — a $490,000 difference from last year. The increase, he said, is due to adding about seven positions, as well as money for bonuses and raises.

Budgets were also increased in other areas over last year. For example, the budget for natural gas was increased from $63,500 to $80,000, or by about $16,500. An increase in electricity, reflected a budget increase of about $21,400, going up from $348,600 to $370,000.

"Weather may make all the difference in this," Mitchell said.

The technology hardware budget jumped from $48,694 last year to $407,712 budgeted for the 2012-2013 year.

"There’s a lot of (technology) projects here that need to be done," Mitchell said.

An increase in the food services budget reflected the rising cost of food. However, Mitchell told the board, "We are in good shape there right now."

In some areas, costs projections were down such as the cost of disposal and sanitation. More than was needed for the services was budgeted last year resulting in an overage, he said. Spending on textbooks, Mitchell said, is also down due to the spending on technology.

The board unanimously approved the budget with few questions. Yet, board member Tim Nolan called for the it to be provided a week earlier next year allowing more time for review.

"I hate passing this with numbers this high without a little more time to review it," Nolan said.

In other business, the board:

• Approved a bid of $8,516 to Comfort Systems to install new furnaces, coils and condensing units at the Vilonia Primary. The units at the school are 16 years old, said Loyd Kelley, maintenance director. "They have a lot of activities and programs in the Big Room and we have had a lot of complaints due to the units not working properly. The maintenance guys have tried to clean and service the units the best they can but we are at a point that we recommend the units to be replaced."

The district, Kelley said, has about 260 air conditioner units to be serviced with one or two maintenance people working on them. The replacement, Kelley said, should result in a cool "Big Room," when there is a crowd gathered for an event.

• Approved an ethics resolution allowing Lisa Evans, a part-time aide with the cheerleaders, to provide T-shirts to the cheerleaders at a cost of less than $5,000.

• Approved Special Education Assurances that said the board has reviewed and adopted policies with special education related services and they are using funding provided to them for those services.

• Approved a bid of $14,150 to be paid to H & H Asphalt Paving Co., for work to be done at the elementary school and middle school.