The UCA Humanities and World Cultures Institute and Regional Center for Asian Studies will host a workshop for liberal arts faculty from around the nation on Oct. 18.

The three day workshop, "Colonial Legacies in Asia," will discuss western influences on eastern cultures.

"I hope that faculty will gain a broader, deeper world view, particularly in modern Asian history, to infuse into course content," said Nicholas Brasovan, director of the Humanities and World Cultures Institute, "The ultimate end is for teachers to provide students with cultural understanding that will assist them in successfully navigating their personal, professional and political lives."

Speakers will include: James Hevia, professor of history at the University of Chicago and a specialist on Chinese-British relations in the 19th-20th centuries; Patricia Henry, professor of foreign languages and literatures at Northern Illinois University who specializes in Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian literature and Southeast Asian literature; and Donald Clark, professor of history at Trinity University who specializes in Korean studies.