The University of Central Arkansas will install a new fresh-air system in Burdick Hall starting next month. The move to install a new system comes after students and teachers complained this summer of feeling ill while in the building, which was built in 1973.

The system is on order and expected to arrive around Oct. 19. Installing the new system could take up to four weeks or more, spokeswoman Venita Jenkins said in email.

"It could be late November before the project is completed," she said.

Twice this past June, professors and students said they became ill and were evacuated from Burdick Hall. After multiple tests of the air quality, UCA officials found no reason for the illnesses. Officials said previously that Burdick Hall has no air-quality issues.

After the second evacuation, ceiling fans were installed to increase air circulation in Burdick Hall. No new complaints have been made, Jenkins said.

Classes are not scheduled in Burdick Hall currently, but about 35 employees and student workers remain in the building. People using Burdick Hall include students and staff working in the Information Technology department, faculty visiting during office hours, staff for the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Office of the Dean and people visiting the sandwich shop.

Once work on the new system is complete by the end of this fall semester, classes are expected to resume in Burdick Hall in the spring semester, Jenkins said.