On Oct. 7, David Garrett lead the congregational singing and I sung "In The Presence of Jehovah" for the special message in song. Brother John Evans Jr. preached from Mark 4:36-41 about the storms in our lives and how God stills the storms. Suddenly the storm began to rage. The boat begin to fill with water. They were afraid the storm would overtake them. Brother John asked if we had ever had an unexpected storm come in our lives. Sometimes we ask where God is. We feel He’s asleep as He was in the ship when the storm was raging. The disciples began to cry out. God got up and said, "Peace be still." Suddenly all was calm by the authority of God. When the storm was blowing uncontrollably God stepped in and stilled it.

We forget who Jesus is when the storms come. When He’s in the boat with us it’s going to be okay. When there’s a wreck and one lives and one dies does it mean Jesus was with one and not the other? Jesus never said if I’m with you storms won’t come. He may not deliver us from the storm but He says He’ll be with us in it. God teaches in our storms.

The way to overcome storms is to trust that God is there and will deliver us. Whatever happens in the Lord is already defeated. We are more than conquerors through Him. Even in the storm He brings peace. The wind may continue to blow but He is with us. He will never forsake or leave us.

Following the morning service we enjoyed food and fellowship in honor of Brother John and Susan to celebrate Pastor Appreciation month. We were thrilled to have a large crowd stay for this special occasion.

On Oct. 24, Bro. John spoke from Matthew 5:1-12. He spoke on happiness. We live with the misconception that all should be happy. We gather things of the world to find we only have empty existence. Happiness is something created in us. We can’t purchase it. True happiness is the fruit of who we’ve become in Jesus. It’s the result of the heart.

Jesus gave the steps to happiness in the Beatitudes. We’re happy when we’re doing the will of our Father. Many aren’t happy because of pride. The only way to true happiness is to be forgiven for our sins. He in the Beatitudes which gives the formula to continue in happiness. We have Christ who gives the victory.

Monday night our oldest church member, Mildred Land, went to be with her Lord. She was a faithful member for all the years she was able to attend. We fondly remember the years she attended and contributed to the life of Holland Baptist Church. Our prayers are with her family.

Many others are on our prayer list. We especially lift up Nina and Richard Johnston as he has surgery this week.

May God bless your worship tomorrow.